Promoting Democracy in Algeria

National Agricultural Colony

It is in this context that was adopted one politics of March for the West, that consisted of the settling of the interior of the Country, little practically empty town and (CAPOZZOLI apud CARDOSO 2005, P. 87). However, who would have courage to leave the coast and to tame the west? As he tells Spider (2001), Luiz Simes Lopes, Officer-of-Cabinet of the President, remembered the infancy colleague, the engineer bernardine agronomist Sayo Arajo Oak, and indicated it the Getlio Vargas. The meeting of Sayo Bernardo with the President is told by the son of Sayo. ' ' It led under of the arms its maps, minutely designated, its plans, strong tracings.

It spread everything on the table of the Presidency and spoke. It spoke, instead of 10 minutes, more than one hour. A bond of affection bound it, reciprocal, the Getlio. The nomination came soon: Administrator of the National Agricultural Colony of Gois.' ' (SAYO, 1984, p.53) With the installation of the CANG in 1941, in the left edge of the River, some colonists had come to receive a lot who cultivated, ' ' by means of a simple bureaucracy, but that he made it difficult the entrance in colnia' ' (SON; SOUSA, 2005). While they waited the selection, the colonists if lodged as they could of the other side of the River of the Souls, place nicknamed Abrupt declivity, the future Rialma. There the proprietors of the land of the right side of the River turn great possibility profit and had decided then to vender lands to colonists who had not obtained a lot in the bureaucratic CANG (SON; SOUSA, 2005). Despite nor Ceres nor Rialma have left of managing plans as the Goinia capital, which Bernardine Sayo always admired (SAYO, 1984, P. 48), or Brasilia, Pienza and Palmanova, the city of Ceres were born with this nationalized matrix that are characteristic of the modernistas plans, derived specifically of the city-model of the Congrs Internationaux d' Architecture Moderne (CIAM), with good said James Holston in its assay ' ' Spaces of citizenship insurgente' '.

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