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Polymer Institute

Currently, the world famous company which makes parts for PVC windows – Rehau operates forty-industrial complexes of the trade mark, on several continents, which produce more than 40 thousand products, manages its own chemical research center and also one hundred and twelve branch offices in various countries. Only in the former Soviet Union territoriistran are ten divisions of the company Rehau. All began with a very small company producing plastic products. This event occurred in early 1948, the small town of Rehau, Bavaria. half-century history, the company has gone from Rehau small beginner into a recognized leader Market polymer products. Kogdazhe question about the use of PVC windows, the professionals are justifiably choose Rehau.

For the first time, the window profile under its own brand, the company Rehau released in 1958, Since then, plastic windows Rehau invariably are confident demand among consumers. In the late sixties, the board decided to start serial production profile system for Rehau windows and doors. Rehau windows are of excellent price / quality ratio. Such a conclusion fairly easy to come by comparing the properties of the passport profiles Rehau, with the products of its nearest competitors. The windows are made of PVC Rehau own design, under RAU-PVC name. This material is a proprietary Polymer Institute, which is part of the corporation Rehau AG. Owing to the peculiarities of the polymer coating, window profiles Rehau not require special care during entire lifetime. In heading the company's portfolio of more than 30 options for lamination. Such diversity makes it possible to choose the solution that most perfectly podoytet requirements of the interior.

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