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Rise Immediately

Some time ago I could hardly wake me in the morning; It seemed that the alarm never sounded, not do to you that you can not get up right away that the alarm clock rings? You end up always giving the snooze button before returning you to sleep? That was part of my ritual also. Provided that the alarm sounded that annoying noise it turned off it right away. Then half dazed and slept, fought against myself lying in bed: this very tasty here beneath the sheets. If I stop now, as I won’t get parking. The meeting is at 8 am anyway. O! should perhaps wake me already! vamos legs, move, go to trabajarrrrr! It seems that the legs do not want to move today, or are not listening to me.

Perhaps you should wait another 15 minutes to make more than tomorrow, I am still half asleep, right? Maybe wake up to alarm is unnatural: I will leave my body to tell me when I should I stop, total I always worked better in the day when I sleep over in the! tomorrow! So I won’t lift so early, not Mr instead, I will snuggle just as it was, I will not return to open our eyes and so perhaps I can back to sleep if he was dreaming?. zzzz .zzzzz…ZZZZZZ… Two hours later I was wondering: I: what time is it? I’ll arrive late again!, no I said I woke up at 6 o’clock? Wife: I thought that you were not going to work today, you heard say me that you did not want to get up, that your legs did not obey you for what you put the alarm if you will not obey it? I: And the alarm rang? I do not remember well, back to the present my alarm sounds before 6: 30 a.m., almost always between 5: 30 am and 6: 15 am.

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