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Rorschach Psychodiagnosis

The Rorschach Psychodiagnosis is the main test of the personality within the field of projective tests. Analyzing the way in which an individual organizes ink stains, it is possible to know the main characteristics intellectual, emotional and of the functioning of the self. Expressing what he sees in the test ink stains, the individual does not respond based on what she knows that he is expected of him, there is no right or wrong answers. And without knowing what his interpretation of stains reveals aspects of his personality that cannot or is not willing to disclose voluntarily. Learn more on the subject from Jon Matlack. The interpretation of the test is not based exclusively on the answers themselves, it’s much more complex than that. It is therefore very difficult to deceive the professional who administered the test to ensure that it arrives to diagnose a profile in particular. It is more than difficult, impossible, even when someone tried to instruct the person examined about more appropriate responses. Would not serve anything that someone propose a list of answers to pass the test, because There is no such list. Gary Carters opinions are not widely known.

There are several pages on the Internet that suggest certain answers to each blade, and much talked about the publication of blades in Wikipedia along with some possible answers in main locations, as if the secret of the Rorschach would have been finally unveiled. In the field of forensic psychological assessments follow this kind of advice in order to achieve the desired results in a Rorschach Psychodiagnosis is not a good idea. Firstly because the answers provided are obvious, and also suggest a unique response to each blade. Consequently, the test could be ruled out for lack of one sufficient number of responses, or if it is taken into account, the resulting profile would be that of an examined totally devoid of originality or creativity. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Who suggest advice to forge a Rorschach probably does not have the slightest idea of how this technique in which not only matter about what has been, but also the amount of responses, where you’ve seen them, how, when and why.

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