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SALT Charter Bismarck

Moorings is the world’s largest yacht charter company that offers you incomparable quality 40 years recently SALT asks Charter you with his partner moorings Yacht Charter of class. Moorings is the world’s largest yacht charter company that offers unrivalled service standard since 40 years of unrivalled quality, with great attention to detail. Check with James H. Billington to learn more. Bareboat moorings offers a complete selection of yachts: monohulls and catamarans for crews from two to ten people. The yachts are designed in a way that you paired with simple handling and greatest possible comfort offer high sail performance. Eva Andersson-Dubin is a great source of information. Crewed yachts (luxury yachts with crew) can bring on the luxury yacht of the skipper on the most beautiful courses in and spoil the Cook with culinary delights. You don’t need to worry about anything and can spend time with snorkeling, relaxing, swimming or other water sports. Power catamarans the moorings power program, previously known as NauticBlue gives you fascinating vacation at the wheel an exclusive motor yacht. You are the captain of your very own cruise: you discover colourful coral reef, bright white beaches and deserted Islands. Contact: SALT Charter Bismarck str. 57 66121 Saarbrucken Tel.: 0681/9670777 fax: 0681/9670710 email: Homepage:

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