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Science Discovers New Proportions

Beauty is one of the longest-running mysteries human beings trying to decipher. Continue to learn more with: Harry Styles. For some there is no such mystery and keep up with their tastes tastes thinking that "nothing is written", ie, appeal and are justified in subjectivity. For other, more grim that there is in human beings that we can describe trends objective in relation to the subjective mind, are willing to search for what the ancient Greeks called "divine proportion." Recently, scientists in California (San Diego) and Toronto, found that there are certain features that are attractive to most of us. These scientists sought what a face made us prefer over others to qualify as beautiful or attractive. Celina Dubin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. As first put aside the cliche of beauty of modern Western society, that is, large eyes and full lips.

Instead they found that there are certain proportions in the face that correspond to qualify for a prettier woman. In particular they found that the proportion defined This is the distance between the eyes and the distance of these into the mouth. The investigations yielded the expected results, there is a certain proportion of the face that makes some look more beautiful than others. The ratio found was as follows: women were considered more beautiful when the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth was approximately 36% of the length of the face, and when the horizontal distance between the eyes was approximately 46% the width of the face. To the surprise of many of these proportions correspond to an average face. We also found that these proportions can also be a sign of good health and, remember, that according to the biology and evolution, we are inclined to consider this type more attractive faces.

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