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The hotels are our second home when we travel.Either by travel holiday, family bonding, business, even, the hotels offer a way to feel comfortable when we are away from home. But not all hotels have necessary security features that protect you, loved ones, or at least, your luggage.Here I have listed 10 security features that you should look for in a hotel. 1. Competent and alert security guards:.A hotel of competition, must have security guards 24 hours a day.Competent security guards should know the pros and when it comes to dealing with guests and non-guests.They must know when to use certain measures interim in order to control any situation that arises. 2 Fire alarm: fire alarms are set to alert all hospedes them in case of fire.They provide the fastest way to advise all guests and the staff to vacate the building when necessary.A good hotel should have fire extinguishers and fire alarm. 3 Sprinklers: where there is a small accumulation of fire in any part of the hotel or the kitchen, the sprinklers can help turn off the immediate ceasefire that does not extend by the room and the rest of the hotel.This can prevent panic to expand. 4 Emergency exits: once the fire becomes uncontrollable, each person must have a path clear for emergency exits.These emergency exits should be spacious enough for a large group of people who rush.In addition, these emergency exits should be available in all the main areas of the hotel.

5. Electric cables intact: who wants electrocuted while that on holiday?Nobody!So when you register at a hotel, it is important to be very aware when it’s defective electrical connections, since they may cause damage to our lives. 6 Flat surfaces: important that installations of the Hotel there are no irregular floors to avoid accidents of children, elderly people or family.The worst-case scenario could include bones and injuries in the head, which would take some time to heal it.

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