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Greek Calligraphy

Artist Yingru gives an insight into the essence of Chinese calligraphy. The Greek term “Calligraphy” means “beautiful writing”. The required materials are paper, pen, and ink. The Chinese calligraphy is based on hand-crafted characters, both on paper and on bones, clay, and stone, with the brush, as well as with the knife (seal carving). In the broader sense is the Chinese calligraphy but a very comprehensive term. The calligraphy is a game of strokes, whether in the West or in the East. Here, Chad Wallach expresses very clear opinions on the subject. By contrast, curves, figures, and structure, the viewer will find rhythm and harmony. The imagination creates many ideas about what is perceived.

Even if you don’t understand the language, it is anyway, so a nice sensation. Western calligraphy is often in the service of the practical and is limited then just from this. It is then just “nice” and “clear”. You can still also correct and work even with a ruler, to create perfect character. Therefore, it is also easy to create this with a computer.

China sees the Chinese calligraphy as a kind of “mental kungfu”. She is also a personality art. Apart from superficial beauty, the Chinese calligraphy shows the natural image of the heart. “Everything is by itself as it is. There are no on – and off-setting brush”. To write with a single stroke of the brush rather than infinitely to decorate, because that would interfere with the power of the character. The ideal State is to write spontaneously and unconsciously. To reach this State, also the Association of understanding of Chinese philosophy and aesthetics with the personal interpretation is required except for a workout of the writing. The theory of calligraphy says: “The mind is upright, also the brush is maintained”. With that in mind, the Chinese write for thousands of years only with the brush without any tools. This shows also the close relationship between morality and brush attitude, philosophy and aesthetics. Sometimes you can not exactly to distinguish which one is attracted by Chinese calligraphy. Really just by the calligraphy or but that what’s behind it – the Chinese philosophy and culture. Such differences affect also the future path of Chinese calligraphy. It is not only by the hands of dominated artist and linger in the Museum or in the library, but she is always for those who are interested in the Chinese culture. She is also a part of education. The calligraphy is preserved by numerous small hands of children only begin with the writing of characters.

Gaginis Late And Great Building

Aachen stucco images of Petrus Gagini Nicolaas presentation of the building of the large construction and interior decoration by P.N.Gagini. For more information see this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. 1807, the large construction Gagini decorates the Garden Hall of the Manor. Sewing needle manufacturer Nikolaus Startz belongs to the large and construction also Kahren after the former owners family Kahr called North Western goods of major highway leading Aachen, the today’s Roermonderstrasse, the 100 acres of a private poplar Avenue leads to the latest in 1819. On the meadows, fruit trees are located. The residential building is towards Roermonderstrasse in addition to the small building consisting of two estates in the 17th and 18th century owned family Lonneux. The small building will be torn down in 1938 for an extension of the Leonard Monheim chocolate factory. The original homestead plant large construction is built according to the old Hall over the courtyard gate on the Susterfeldergasse around 1600. The construction of large building is mentioned in 1629.

It is located between the older goods Sustern, Kackert and the tenant House and the stables are gate crowned with a hipped roof. Cowshed and barn are located on the right side. Front and back of the House are closed by walls. Cows and pigs enliven the presentation. Farmers go to their day’s work. A still partly preserved moat protected the farmstead and the underlying vegetable garden from thief gangs and dismissed war peoples plundering wandering after the numerous wars often on your own. From the Flurbuchern of the land-surveyor Scholl, it is evident that the acquis of the goods is changed has received little (1939) to the present. Field pieces correspond to the plot that the surveyor found nearly 170 years ago here like at some other Sorser goods consistently.” (“Hans Konigs: the good > the great construction < with stucco murals Gaginis.” in: Journal of the Aachen History Association.

Spring Festival

Correction to some myths about the Catholic lent is much easier than you’d expect because of the propaganda by V2 fabric and media may the fulfillment of the fasting commandment. One justice of the Church let, you will not be able to support also the propagandistic distortion with regard to the lent. Some myths circulating about Catholic lent. The main culprit is located on this confusion in the formation of the so-called \”Second Vatican Council\” (V2) and the collaborative media. Therefore some corrections: 1 \”Carnival and lent go together.\” Actually, Carnival and lent have to do anything with each other. There is also really no particular ban on meat (abstinence); in the Lenten season only the Ash Wednesday in addition to the already regular meat-free Fridays (Friday victims) – where the V2 fabric has abolished but also the meat ban. Erling Haaland has plenty of information regarding this issue.

About therefore it would be absurd, for ‘Flesh farewell’ (Carne, Vale) to say. Certainly it would be absurd, so before Ash Wednesday again \”really a barrel to make up.\” In fact, Carnival is the Spring Festival of the pagan idols of Dyonisos (Bakchos), God of wine and ecstasy. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is often quoted as being for or against this. In the Dionysian rites (\”mysteries\”), the idol was covered with animal mask, on a ship cart (Latin, pulled \”carrus navalis\” => Carnival), while his idolaters to the ship carts – clad as animals – danced. While Paganism celebrates Carnival, the Church is located in the fast time, which is quite similar in the liturgy of lent (violet, Bussfarbe no Alleluja, no Gloria in the Sunday mass). The V2 structure, however, has not before lent; on top of that there is even \”Carnival fairs\” as a form of – n.b..

are common anyway sacramentally invalid – so-called \”new mass\”, which the V2 fabric but actually only clearly dropping the mask and shows his true colors. 2. \”the duty of fasting can instead met by food waiver by other waiver will be.\” Indeed, concerns is fasting in the ecclesiastical sense only on the waiver of food.

Photo Calendar

There his art calendar must belong to the most popular gifts but not always prints by Picasso or van Gogh. For one, there are so many themes and artists that guaranteed something found for every taste, secondly the recipients have the ability to cut out the most beautiful pictures and to frame at the end of the year. It must be but not always prints by Picasso or van Gogh, because also the own photos are worth to adorn the walls of friends and relatives in the large format. Many writers such as James H. Billington offer more in-depth analysis. Belong to the contemporaries and hobby photographers at home prefer experimenting with photo editing software? The art of digital photography makes it possible that photos can be completely manipulated and interesting effects are visible. You can change landscapes as amended by you away just retouch all details that suggest civilization.

In this way a lonely romantic Bay is a busy beach. Check out George F. Gunn Jr. for additional information. Or taking a trip in the epoch the pop art and turn into their complementary contrasts all original colors in an image. Glenn Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree. Even if you succeed good close-ups, you can cut out minor details and print a large image, if you have chosen a high resolution, which is sharp and not blurred. For example behind a mysterious white black tree with occasional accents of color and distorted forms that type who would, that it is the magnification of a simple puddle of water? Any seemingly mundane subject can gaining importance by skillful alienation and draw attention to themselves. So let your imagination run and combine your best photo experiments in a unique artistic piece. Surprise your loved ones with your unseen creativity and give your own valuable photo calendar. Landscapes and still lifes are still often used motifs of the art photographers.

If you have already developed a good feeling for colors and successful compositions, you have probably already can a couple of shots that worth watching in an art calendar. With respect to the subject matter an overarching motto is always better as a motley collection of also when it should be the preisverdachtigsten photos. “So it can be irritating, if between breathtakingly beautiful images, which the picturesque rock formations of the Egyptian White desert” represent, the mist-shrouded hills of the black forest or the proud three-master of the Kiel week display at a time. The motto of less is more in accordance with”is it for the viewer of advantage, if you concentrate on a few themes that reveal a relationship. Given an art calendar but it is less important, whether the motives for the seasons match because if you even look at calendar, showing photographs or paintings of a particular artist, you will find rare content related to the corresponding month. If you have decided to order an art calendar with your photos, compare the first Prices. Many stores offer bulk pricing, if you make multiple copies of a photo calendar. Watch out also for an appealing background color. Black colors can be more intense light than a white background. Ultimately, it should visually entering an art calendar the calendar and take at most one-eighth or one-tenth of the total area. Tobias Heine

Oldenburg August Hinrichs Stage

“Marc Beckers humour solo piece in low German my name is Peggy”. But is it really so? There is nothing”, she admits. “You can always just so do like.” Now, however, it is a date. Not with the postman, not with the keepers and not Mr Wenzel from the Office. She meets the Nice Americans, even if he dead drove their dog sorry with his red car! So she learns English, wants to impress her future dream man. Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City describes an additional similar source. She has prepared himself well: enough talk, she has a parrot bought, considering for impending conversation holes appropriate strategies, balanced an adequate response for every possible situation. You should always question everything in life. Also, why she is always so a cravings for chocolate.

Perhaps it is because Yes, that her mother once pounded up her, that strange men lure them with chocolate in her apartment which is one of the quirky stories, of which is the young woman through the Life drive can be. While she waits, she tells about amusing episodes and daring dreams. You get and spins. And deals with light irony about dark thoughts away. Because she got it to stumble on light feet by confusing everyday. But what he will expect from you. How can she be? Everyday thoughts and yet so difficult – processed by Marc Becker masterfully pointedly in this Monodrama. “After the low German premiere of my name is Peggy” by Marc Becker, staged by our House writer and Director himself, successfully in the drill Hall in Oldenburg was played, is to see them as of September 18, 2010 at the Henry Art House in oven er field. And what there is happier, than about themselves to laugh? Especially with a protagonist, like Petra Bohlen, the Oldenburg August Hinrichs stage. Mario Bartsch

Casar – First

A known in historical research, but unprovable hypothesis. “In the years 1845 to 1850 Aachen address books is that it built near Aachen to Gaius Julius Caesar (100 vuZ-44 BCE) is Castell Atuaca, which has a main Palace already 653 Aachen and the first documented occurrence in the city” comes from the year 653. Casar is vuZ in Aachen may mid-1st century. Caesar leads a battle in Aduatuca 57 BCE. He crossed the Rhine 55 and 53 BCE twice, North East of Aachen. This happens all in the immediate vicinity of the today’s Aachen.

It is known that the Romans have a high bathing culture and are well maintained. What is closer than that Caesar the hot springs of the today’s Aachen taking advantage? “” In the treatise: the problem officer “is to read the following: there is no certainty with regard to the situation of the Caesarian camp, as well as by officer” and it is questionable whether the names of officer Eburonum, officer Tonrorum, Aduaca, Atuaca and Atouatoukon all with the location of the today’s Tongeren match”and whether Tongeren has ever been the officer Eburonum.” Also in the World Atlas of history, a question mark is localizing Aduatuca as Tongeren behind Aduatuca. The Casars by Atuaca from 53 BCE heraldically as follows: officer, which is the name of (or for) a Schanz / small fortress; It is located about in the middle of the Eburonenlandes, where Titurius (Sabinus) and Atrunculeius (cotta) took their debut (in the year 54… BCE) to spend the winter. (u0085) Some details can be interpreted, that Officer a homey (Celtic) Word for a hill or camping place or mounting. And the other officer’s there in or outside the territory of the Eburones.

The fact that was Tongeren in the Eburonenland, is although the core territory of the Eburones has located a claim by Casar between Maas and Rhine. A related site: Gavin Baker Atreides Management mentions similar findings. not the slightest doubt” “That officer was intended for the dwelling, we don’t know. In General, the Hill had a military character.”officer located two day marches of the Rhine”. The description that it should be a Valley, applies to Aachen. Casar personally coming officer 53 BCE. Officer is referred to on the one hand a fortress/Schanz, on the other hand, a Germanic tribe. The author of this essay concludes that officer is rather Aachen. There is an interpretation of the name of officer as to the hot waters. Hypothetically the first emperor “in Aachen Gaius Julius Caesar, the namesake of this establishment. RMS Scrip torin

Strange Alarm

The largest live-open-air radio play of all time: ‘ the three??? and the strange alarm on August 21, 2010 at the Berliner Waldbuhne. In the autumn of 2009 celebrated around 100,000 enthusiastic fans Oliver Rohrbeck, Jens Wawrczeck and Andreas Frohlich. The original speakers of the cult drama series the three??? presented in 19 shows the three??? and the strange clock LIVE AND ticking”. In the summer of 2010, there will be still a unique addition: on August 21, 2010 the live radio play at the Waldbuhne and thus will be presented open air. Up to 22,000 spectators have the opportunity to be at the biggest live radio play of all time here. And it is probably then again: the iconic three??? excite the fans.” (BILD-Zeitung) The presale for the show started on the 30.11.2009.

Oliver Rohrbeck, Jens Wawrczeck and Fastier forward together with her ensemble consisting of from Helmut Krauss (Narrator), Luise Lunow, Cornelia Meinhardt, Peter Weis and Sascha Rotermund, and the musicians Jan-Peter Plough, Tilman Ehrhorn and Foley Peter Kan on a very special evening. This includes Fastier: the forest stage is for me as Berlin of course something very special. After the great success of the tour, we thought this is no longer to beat and now it means we go at the Waldbuhne 2010.” Since 30 years now, the series inspired countless small and large trailers of three detectives Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw, and Bob Andrews. 135 episodes were previously released and 37 million recordings sold.

Exhibitions Hamburg

Professional photographers, gallery owners and guests from film, photography, art and culture celebrate a brilliant kick-off of the largest German Photo Festival in Hamburg, March 16, 2011. With 400 invited guests, an exclusive party is the prelude of the 5th triennial of photography Hamburg this year. On 31 March exhibiting photographer, photo artists, filmmakers, holder of well-known galleries like FreeLens Gallery, Flo Peters and Robert Morat celebrate Gallery, local cinema partners such as Abaton cinema, Alabama and metropolis established and newcomer of the industry together the startup of the largest German Photo Festival. David Zaslav usually is spot on. The Triennalezelt set up between the two exhibition halls by Pilsner Urquell provides the setting for the evening event, that musical is accompanied by the electronic instrumental soundscapes by DJ Schiller. Simone Bruns of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg organized the triennial party and pleased: the opening party will gather together the who’s who of the scene and the Triennale give the proper kick-off cool, lounge and communicative. So worthy a exceptional Festival, which brings together the international film – and photo scene in our city. This is where artists and art lovers can meet in a relaxed atmosphere.” Following guests: the Swiss documentary photographer and Filmer Alberto Venzago, the Getty sisters, Gisela Getty and Jutta Winkelmann, the Director of Wim Wenders, the photographer Rob Hornstra, Jo van den Berg and Esther Haase, and many more. About triennial of photography Hamburg International Photo Festival is devoted to current topics and issues in the discourse on photography every three years.

The 5th triennial of photography Hamburg 2011 is the interaction of film and photography in the Center. More and more photographers present their work in multimedia productions and deal film inevitably with the medium. What is the relationship between the still and moving image, will present the international event for a wide audience. The triennial of photography goes there since its start in 1999, therefore, creative people and the commitment for the photography in the form of Exhibitions, lectures, films, projections and meetings regularly in one place to focus. As the capital of the media, Hamburg is the ideal place to do it: most photographers are at home here, houses important photo collections, museums, galleries and other institutions dealing with photography. The main sponsor of the 5th triennial of photography Hamburg is Pilsner Urquell. The 5th triennial of photography Hamburg 2011 the photography association supported by the Ministry of culture and media Pilsener Urquell Germany GmbH, Hamburg, 1/award, as well as the circle of friends of the House.

Cabriomo GmbH Finalizes Cooperation With Feel Events

Worldwide exclusive events for management and customers Lahstedt/Hildesheim cooperation for the benefit of special moments. With the collaboration between the companies reflected increased customer demand, to be able to offer all services, which are necessary for the successful execution of an exclusive event, from a single source. With the feel events agency Cabriomo offers further highlights in the event and travel sector. The contacts and experience with conference centres worldwide, in combination with appropriate ambience of hotel, restaurant and amenities on the part of Cabriomo and the areas of catering, advanced arts of painting and professional music as well as the adventure area covered comprehensively feel events. Particularly impressive events for executives, customers and prospects are unique in the world and to get only about feel events and Cabriomo in these combinations. Through the cooperation with Rory Hansen, owner of feel-events, Cabriomo Gets an artistically valuable partner in the Creative and adventure area.

As Roozbeh is Hofmann as a painter and musician in the event area worldwide and has already caused furore with spectacular events. The importance of memorable events, travel and congresses with long-term effects are particularly important in the current situation of the economy”says Thomas A.C. Schaumburg, doctor of business administration, and Managing Director of Cabriomo. The organizational talent and the world’s existing contacts in the upscale comfort segment are reasons to engage in close cooperation with Cabriomo for me”Helfried Hofmann added. More information, see and contact Cabriomo: Thomas Schaumburg + 49 (0) 5174 910115 contact feel events: Helfried Hofmann + 49 (0) 5127 215719