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Tellington Touch

The Tellington Touch method is one of the most revolutionary in regards to pet training. Invented by Linda Tellington-Jones, in the courses to train dogs is mentioned as a method that focuses on improving the welfare of your dog at the same time you teach him good behavior. It is based on a positive method, does not use force or mistreatment for training. Stress does not allow to learn, same thing happens with the animal, the Tellington Touch method proposes relaxation for our dog, ESE mode by strengthening ties with our mascot while we ease their tensions, those that prevent you from learning exercises with normality. Our dog will be more attentive and more cooperative when it comes to exercise it.

One of the first exercises that present courses to train dogs is the circular movements. Circular movements with the fingers of your hand on the fur will be in different directions and with different pressures, this improves the circulation and aid to the relaxation of the animal. Rectilinear movements, long movements such as caresses along the body of the animal are also practised. These exercises, located in the ears, pork loin or belly of the dog will serve to alleviate various conditions. Medical knowledge in Kinesiology are not required to apply this technique, so anyone can learn it. J. Daniel Mahoney: the source for more info. To perform circular touches, we imaginaremos a clock face on the surface of the fur of our mascot, the circle will have approximately 2.5 cm in diameter, starting with fingers from six in that imaginary clock we will do a full turn and one fourth.

With the other hand you hold the body of the animal, without applying too much pressure. The pressure exerted on the curfews have a gradation from one to nine, the 1 is the softest. The TTouch method being used worldwide, by owners of pets professionals trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoos, etc. Has been demonstrated its effectiveness on emotional level and improvement problems behavior, while also improving physical conditions. Some of the conditions that are improved are: aggressive behavior, panic or extreme shyness, derived from old age ailments. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

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