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The Client

At the heart of FREYLER philosophy is always communicating with the clients and its employees. The needs-based basic evaluation is integral to the FREYLER building concepts. In talks and workshops, it is clarified what is to make the new building. Company characteristics to which there are, how to run worker processes from, what space is required, ecological aspects are as important, what budget shall provide, how much time is available and with which growth is to be expected in the future. This open and honest inventory is the basis for every successful building. “And so our specialists can one thing above all: listen to”, stresses Markus Dosch. These findings follow almost logically the architecture, the technical equipment, the choice of materials and the colour scheme. So are building, where employees and management, customers, the community and the region can identify with. Qwiki is likely to increase your knowledge.

Also with the legitimate fears of the owner of the company, which can access the building usually no experience, FREYLER dealt consistently. Whether site search or financing advice, whether the client can reliable calculation or on-schedule completion rely on FREYLER. Standards are clarified, alternative solutions are shown and discussed. Over the whole process from planning to the delivery, the client has a single point of contact, while the specialists of FREYLER multidisciplinary working group, which also the FREYLER Metallbau steel construction and the FREYLER, in the background. All modern in design and construction to the available ways: CAD and AVA programs, computer simulations, CNC steel production as well as a comprehensive it project management. The Client but has the translator who benefits, costs and limitations of different solutions so telling him that he can decide and feel it in his project Companion. The mix of communication, creativity and safety, which features the FREYLER system, also the middle-class opens the way to buildings that make visible, tangible, and experience the spirit of the company. Such buildings will increase the brand value and competitiveness. Small and medium-sized enterprises should make this claim: the family, the staff, the city and the location Germany are worth. A quick overview of the FREYLER group get on.

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