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The Most Beautiful Faces Of The North Sea

After flood the low tide occurs after low tide the tide which is North Sea a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But what sights are worth a visit the most? The travel portal reisen.de presents the most beautiful places of the fascinating coast. When travelling on the North Sea a mudflat hiking should not be missed especially. While the island of Neuwerk is a worthwhile target of such tour through the world heritage. The ten-kilometre March from Cuxhaven frazioni Salenburg or Duhnen offers a unique setting for all those who are fond of traveling on foot.

The unique natural spectacle of the tide can be particularly well observed when visiting the most famous North Sea Island of Sylt. Since time immemorial, the game of the tide exerts a great fascination on the visitors. The Adventure Centre is devoted to forces of nature including this fascinating natural spectacles. Borkum on the other hand, the largest of the East Frisian Islands, not only as a bath and Spa. Hobby sailors and culture vultures come on bright red, floating lighthouse Borkum riff”fully at their own expense. So dive tourists at one of the hourly guided tours into the fascinating world of seafaring. For animal lovers is the seal station Friedrichskoog an important destination.

Here, vacationers are close in feeding young harbour seals and grey seals, before they are released in the autumn in the freedom. Also, an important point is the Multimar wattage Forum with its 36 aquariums. This will give a fascinating insight into the native underwater world. A mudflat hiking is not enough, should participate in a Wadden Sea Safari. The flat floor Clipper Ronja enables visitors to the world of fishermen and sailors of the Wadden Sea in the 19th century. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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