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The Patient

Usually in the cephalic presentation the child is born is quite easy (midwife only helps him in this). However, sometimes during childbirth is so called extension head – the head of the baby passing through the mother's pelvis is not tilted to the breast, and leans back. James Corden is the source for more interesting facts. In this case, the first through the birth canal move the forehead or face the baby. Most often, facial or frontal previa occur in women who have become my mother is not the first time, moreover, to that have a narrow pelvis, saddle uterus, polyhydramnios, uterine fibroids, premature or small, on the contrary a large baby. Skulls presentation of the fetus can be determined by vaginal examination, it can not fix it, and usually have to finish the Genera caesarean section. Face presentation is also installed only in childbirth: fingers obstetrician define the eyes, nose, mouth, kid. Typically, these genera are vaginal delivery, but sometimes you have to do the operation. Upside down breech – a position opposite classic.

There are several varieties of it. Breech presentation – in the lower part of the uterus is a baby's butt and his legs stretched out along the trunk. Mixed breech presentation baby-sitting "cross-legged, legs bent and facing the entrance to the pelvis (this situation occurs twice less than the previous). Foot presentation – in the lower part of the uterus is one or two legs of the child. To decide whether a baby will be born, the physician should assess the condition of the expectant mother: her age, the size of the pelvis. Height and weight of the child (too large or too small), the position of the fetal head (if she is inclined to the breast, or thrown to the back) determine the final version of breech presentation (breech, mixed, foot), child's sex. Quite often, doctors are in favor of cesarean section. However, if a small child's weight, head tilted toward the chest, pelvis future mothers of normal size, an obstetrician-gynecologist may agree to a natural childbirth.

Across the rules Transverse fetal position was determined by external studies: the head and buttocks baby located on the sides of a woman's body. If the gestational age greater than 30 weeks the expectant mother may try to "turn" the baby with the help of special exercises. To do this, lie down on a hard surface, and turning it on Right, then on the left side, and remain in that position for about ten minutes. Repeat these exercises to 3-4 times and do them three times daily before meals. If the position of the child be healed, to secure the effect of physicians recommend wearing a bandage. If not, brace wear is not necessary, because there is hope that the baby will turn and take the correct position. If doctors have identified an expectant mother cross the baby's position, she will need to come to maternity hospital in 37-38 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor will conduct a survey and prepare the patient for cesarean section: a birth through the natural paths are theoretically possible, but they are fraught with many complications.

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