Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Procedure

Dictatorship is a factory of worlds, a permanent industry of now fully buildable havens on the territory where it is exercised. He is convinced that sufficient loyalty to be one of the privileged inhabitants of this heavenly territory. Robert Thomson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Enough that we put all our effort on the assumption of these virtual worlds of signs that dictatorship is manufactured with an efficiency that does not display or to develop a real productive apparatus or to feed a population or to give the faint appearance of exercise of power with efficiency. The dictatorship is perverse because leads us to imbue us to such an extent of a myth that resembles a State religion. She becomes the promise and the guarantor of the promise. One of the first elements thus entering crisis is subjectivity since the references at the bottom suffer from an extremely precarious. But there is something that escapes to the dictatorship: that within that dominated social body is born the desire to create, to invent.

And it happens because there is no other solution. The dictatorship overwhelms in such a way that the ideal way to deal with it is creating sense. The identity scheme will be combination of dictatorship and democracy. The dictatorship struggles to change everything, but only in appearance, through the procedure of renaming, rename and re-inaugurating. Lost democracy strives to recover on the basis of a stable image of itself, does not accept the need to create, but returned, thus collaborating with the dictatorship in the increase of the fragility. Intrude into the psychology of dictatorship is nothing new. Attempts to analyze them from this angle have been many, especially in cases of major trauma such as Argentina and Chile.

You can always see the attempt to introduce a new social being with its consequential subjective constructs intentionally set from power. Specialists have come to talk of dictatorship of the psychology in the process of addressing the human mind and the tricks of dictatorial power. The dictatorship, especially the populist ideologized, passes, because doing psychology and constructing worlds. In these attempts it sheds clothes, shown naked and is there, in his carnal exhibition, where you have to catch it, subdue it and exorcise it. This requires the bout on his land, not in the longing, but in the forced creation of ideas and challenge through the marking of a future fortress founded on a new conception of the political and social world. original author and source of the article.

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