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As sister and brother are in the 2nd degree of consanguinity, sister's husband will be with her brother in the 2nd degree dvuhrodnogo properties. In trehrodnom property in exactly the same degree of births is assumed, for example, the brother of her husband has his wife's brother-in 4-th degree trehrodnogo properties. The Russian Church under the above-mentioned decree of the Holy Synod considers an obstacle to marriage dvuhrodnoe property to grade 4, inclusive, that is prohibited marriages between: 1. Brother, sister, husband and wife (or husband's sister and his wife). 2. Father of husband (Wife) and sister of the wife (husband), mother of the husband (wife) and his brother's wife (husband).

3. Father of husband (wife) and mother of his wife (husband). 4. Husband and father, widowed or divorced woman and her husband, widowed or divorced husband and wife's mother. Trehrodnoe property can be an absolute impediment to marriage only in the 1st degree. In fact, such situations are only possible if they want to marry widowed (divorced) wife, married to persons who were between them in the 1st degree of consanguinity, that is, father and daughter or mother and son. To marry persons who are in 2nd and 3rd degrees trehrodnogo properties requires the blessing of the ruling bishop. Further degrees no restrictions are not linked.

Spiritual kinship as impediment of consanguinity and also properties in church law an obstacle to marriage is recognized and affinity (nepotism), which occurs through the perception baptized by the holy font of baptism. Recipients of the boy is prohibited from marrying his widowed or divorced mother, and Receptacle girl – with her widowed or divorced father. Simply put, the godfather and godmother can not to become husband and wife. According to the canons require a baptismal godfather of the same sex as the baptized, the second is the godfather tribute to tradition, and therefore there is no canonical impediment to the conclusion of a marriage between recipients of one baby. Strictly speaking, for the same reason there is no affinity between the godfather and goddaughter and godson and godmother. However, the pious custom of not welcome such marriages, and if necessary, such matters can be resolved only the ruling bishop. (The solution of such issues should be given the ruling bishop.) Kinship Kinship Adoption of this nature is a canonical impediment to the marriage as long as it took place ecclesiastical order. But over time the old church laws, which equated kinship adoption of spiritual kinship, lost their power. However, in the fact Adoption provides impediment moral character. Therefore, the Church does not perform the sacrament of marriage between adoptive parents (or their children), and adopted children. 9. Crime, leading to the prohibition to marry in this case refers to this crime against this marriage. Prohibition to remarry are all ex-wife, through whose fault the divorce was made because: a) bigamy or dvoemuzhestva (ie entry into marriage illegal under current law); b) obscure samoukryvatelstva one spouse for more than 5 years, c) the act of adultery – that is one of the spouses who have violated the sanctity of marriage by adultery can be remarry only after serving the church penances in the case of violations of adultery and other sanctity of marriage is condemned to perpetual celibacy, and d) physical inability to marital cohabitation. All about family and marriage

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