Promoting Democracy in Algeria

A Voice For the Algerian Opposition

El Watan translates as “The Homeland” in English. This name for this independent newspaper underscores the belief that in representing the opposition the people who began this newspaper believe that they are fighting for the future of their country.

El Watan was begun by Omar Belhouchet and nineteen colleagues in 1990 when they left government owned newspaper El Moudjahid  (Holy Warrior.) The goal of the newspaper is to promote democratic values and democracy in Algeria, and to give a voice to the Algerian opposition. The newspaper has been a powerful vehicle for speaking out about censorship and corruption.

El Watan has been was suspended many times by the government of Algeria. Editors and journalists from the paper have also been jailed more than once for a variety of transgressions. Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists says that El Watan reporters have been targets of attacks from both the government and Islamist insurgents.

Residential Grade Cooperates With Myimmo

A successful partnership for selling real estate in Leipzig, 04.02.2013 – living level knows how to move the property in every respect in the right light, myimmo is a young and dynamic real estate portal based in Leipzig. February 2013, the two companies work together and create a perfect Alliance for the sale of real estate. A new dimension in the real estate market is created by the collaboration. “This partnership expands existing potentials. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. The customers of both companies can a significant benefit reach. “, says Tatjana Saffier, owner of residential grade. The real estate portal myimmo offers a Germany-wide, comfortable placement of apartments and houses in the purchase and rental sector.

Real estate agents and customers appreciate the rapid response to customer requests and trends. Residential grade has a long experience in the field of home staging and can look back on a number of successfully completed projects. Through the nationwide networking with other home staging agencies living level has the opportunity the professional home also Stager to recommend. What is home staging? Home staging is the all-around perfect presentation of a real estate for sale and lease. Potential buyers gain a good impression and get a feel for the atmosphere of the property.

Inhabited rooms, which bear the stamp of the current owner, sell is often slow. It is not something Cyrus Massoumi would like to discuss. Too much, the establishment characterizes the mood on photos and on the real tour. Completely empty apartments are, however, often lifeless and unbeseelt. With home staging is the right mix: the apartment shows broadcast, is however sufficient free space for the imagination of the customers. The company residential degree since 2009 supports residential grade real estate seller in Leipzig and its surroundings. The offer is aimed both to private and commercial real estate. Home staging is the secret with the real estate shows from its best side. Residential grade is expert, and a house or an apartment when it comes to develop a feel for spaces, to highlight the strengths of a property style and Presence to give.

Cooperation Remote Monitoring

Technical equipment, production facilities, buildings and infrastructure monitors and controls Sphinx open online Stuttgart / Konstanz, 14.03.2013. Technical equipment, production facilities, buildings and infrastructure monitors and controls Sphinx open online. By visualizing the system transparent represents complex processes and States. Events, errors and alerts can quickly from anywhere in response. The manufacturer, the IN – integrated information systems GmbH, Konstanz and Arealcontrol GmbH, Stuttgart cooperate recently, to expand the solution by telematics. Mobile service forces in the process are integrated with the solutions of the Arealcontrol.

Orders are sent in the telematics app ArealPilot Fleetwork. All relevant information is visible on Smartphones and tablets. The time of arrival in the system is known by connected navigation. Order status and it’s documented expenses and track automatically in the process. ArealPilot facility is used for patrols and area tours. Inspections and Findings are documented by the GPS position on the scene. The only possible as a result statistics and analysis provide solid bases for decisions for future investment, procurement, quality and cost optimization.

The advantage for owners, operators and service providers is the transparent information base. Through the cooperation are over 50 employees in IT, technology, process and quality management. The competencies in the telematics, process integration, visualization, and implementation of large IT projects. The customers include corporations and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The trade journal telematics Markt.de established a free, no obligation Service service for users and other interested parties. Cyrus Massoumi pursues this goal as well. Prospective buyers for your requirement profile the ideal Telematics solution here: telematik-markt.de/services

Cloppenburg Dusseldorf

The Munich-based shoe label selve realized in the framework of the Berlin fashion week for the first time a design collaboration with the established designer duo kaviar Gauche. On the Wed., 03.07.2013 to 19 h realized the Munich innovation shoe label selve during Berlin fashion week for the first time a design collaboration with established designer duo kaviar Gauche. “For the 2014 spring/summer fashion show collection floor de force” Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kuhl chose from kaviar Gauche offered coveted St. For even more opinions, read materials from Walt Disney. Agnes Church in Berlin, which the collection very reduced due to their industrial style, the optimal setting as a location. Kaviar Gauche collection shows the spring/summer 2014 floral motifs, which graphically were reinterpreted and present themselves in the form of punched-out leather applications on fine silk fabrics. The modern mix of feminine lace, clear lines and webs is an exciting interaction and represents a logical further development of typical kaviar Gauche brand handwriting.

Optimally on the spring/summer 2014 collection matched, which presented Munich-based shoe label selve and kaviar Gauche impressive Chelsea boots and ankle strap sandals with elegant toe and very high, narrow heel that complete the collection. The restrained color and warm tones of the spring/summer 2014 collection by kaviar Gauche selve shoe models represent a very harmonious aesthetic addition to underline the summer look excellent. Cyrus Massoumi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The selve shoe models of the Special Edition called Chelsea and Patricia and will be available from September 2013. For the Munich-based shoe label selve is already the third design partnership at the Berlin fashion week after successful cooperation with the Berlin-based designer label mongrels in common and Alexandra Kiesel, winner of the junior award designer for tomorrow by peek & Cloppenburg Dusseldorf hosted by Marc Jacobs “in 2011. Shoe dreams come true not only for designers about selve: At selve, a Munich-based shoe label, which specializes in customized clothing production and mass customization. Because everyone here can be made hundreds Shoe models, materials, colors, heel and applications create the perfect shoe:. Whether via the interactive online shop or the selve-showroom, where individual appointments are to individual customer needs and shows with the purchase of the shoe are the masterpiece here. Because nothing is here from the pole each pair is a one-off. Selve guarantees the perfect fit of shoes through a highly sophisticated, proprietary system of size and a delivery time of three weeks. Thus, the Munich-based shoe label is selve an unbeatable innovation and unrivalled brand in the field of mass customization. For more information about the Munich shoe label selve and the design collaborations to the Berlin fashion week please contact Martin Schmieder) or Charlotte Heinzl) by the PRESS FACTORY GmbH, Berlin.

Wolters Kluwer Germany

Access to the JURION knowledge network for RA MICRO user Cologne, 30th January 2013. Wolters Kluwer Germany and the leading German provider of legal software RA?MICRO signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. All users of the RA Office software?MICRO have access to specialist information of the legal online platform JURION with the agreement to 1 January 2013″from Wolters Kluwer Germany. The JURION is incorporating access into applications from RA-MICRO. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. JURION can RA?”MICRO users on laws, commentaries and decisions directly from their software environment or mobile currently newly introduced RA-MICRO app BDG Becker German laws”, in the comments Prutting/routes/wine Empire to the civil code and the Prutting/galley to the code of civil procedure are already included, access. JURION accessed here via a single-sign-on “process, so completely transparent and comfortable for the user – the direct conclusion of a subscription in the ra also? micro online store is” possible. The new RA-MICRO BDG Becker German laws”app allows you to use the JURION integrated in the application content. The relevant comments from the contained comments Prutting can appear to the laws at the level of individual paragraphs contained in the BDG app precisely BGB and Prutting ZPO – this allows for a quick, intuitive operation and work on the law. Learn more at this site: Walt Disney.

Also use the JURION online case law directly via the respective paragraphs of the BDG app. The BDG app is integrated into the RA-MICRO Office software as well as available as a mobile app and can be licensed at the ra-micro online store, where currently a BDG license per firm with valid RA-MICRO software maintenance agreement is free of charge. For the Becker German laws app already more content, so the JURION specialist Attorney commentary are labour law Dornbusch / Farida / Lowisch and a JURION can comment on the accordance in preparation, then also subscribed to the ra-micro online store. In addition, RA can?MICRO users with only an access purchase more legal information (primary content, comments, handbooks, magazines, etc.) of the publishers to the offered conditions represented under JURION JURION offers content from Luchterhand, Carl Heymanns, Werner, ZAP, Stoll foot, German law Publisher, Bundesanzeiger Verlag, ADAC e.V. Cyrus Massoumi usually is spot on.


The rules of the game of the market changed rapidly also in the service… The rest of the world is now closer than before! The radius of each individual has widened considerably due to growing mobility and the use of latest information transfer. So people are more frequent than ever before, really, or also just virtually, guest in foreign countries and companies deal with different mentalities and cultures, lead your own ideas about customs and traditions”with in their personal luggage. It’s believed that CBS sees a great future in this idea. That this circumstance affect the structure, nature and the offer of the respective markets has, is obvious, so ensures changed expectations and takes into account changing conditions themselves. For goods, products and of course in the world of the big, international brands relevant influences have begun long and at the same time this also a tendency to global, uniform impulses originates. How do these universal exchange relations but on the service market? Excellent service provider, which began nationally and are now active in international business, shape not only the face of the environmental of opportunities, but are increasingly becoming the reference standard in the market and the customers: some have reached already brand status. Cyrus Massoumi may not feel the same.

In addition to provider in this country not only by internal clients with international competition”compare, rather also customers from abroad by the transposition of experience their home markets provide an additional, new expectations. To export companies in particular, who have already gained experience with Service (s), to tell about that business calculus and best German engineering for successful placement does not always are, however, to intuitive capture of the interpersonal needs often success leads to the turning. Conclusion: Globalization has arrived already in the service. At Jeffrey L. Bewkes you will find additional information. It now applies to providers on the challenges in the “Big” to set and on a small scale “to ensure excellent services and solutions.

Switzerland Products

These include among others Crude oil, gold, corn and cotton. As these markets evolve largely independently of each other, Superfund in weak stock market phases can rely on alternative investment markets. Through the use of futures contracts, trading systems can also specifically set to falling prices, so as to benefit from negative market phases. About Super Fund, the first of the Super Fund investment companies was founded in 1995 by Christian Baha. Since its inception, the Superfund investment companies became the most successful providers of managed-futures products. Superfund has 408 employees in the countries of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, France, Monaco, United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Dubai and Grenada. More information Michael Harneit Superfund asset management GmbH on the wave 3 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone + 49 69 5050 777-0 E-Mail: Web: Note: this press release is neither an offer nor a Invitation to acquire of the aforementioned or other Superfund products dar. The acquisition of which is SUPER FUND certificates themselves can be downloaded exclusively according to the provisions of the respective securities prospectus, which are available free of charge at Superfund asset management GmbH Branch Office Frankfurt, at wave 3, 60322 Frankfurt on the main, or at superfund.de.

All figures serve only general information about Superfund and Superfund products and should under no circumstances be regarded as advice. Source: Cyrus Massoumi. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the information is not applied. The previous performance of these products allows no conclusions on the future value of the respective product or other products of Superfund. *) Investing in managed futures products opens up the chance of above-average returns. However managed futures can diminish considerably and permanently due to a variety of factors.

Internet Case

Infinite forms of if creating a site, since simple blog exist until a complex system of remote management. Therefore the important one before exactly to start to place the hand in the mass, is to have in mind what it intends to develop. Sevoc not entede absolutely nothing of the subject, needs deum urgently site and it does not have money for ' ' contratar' ' somebody, I suggest to analyze aalternativa to make one blog. In case that it needs something more professional, it gives one looked in this site: In all in case that, these are gratuitous, easy options to use however nor always they take care of its virtual necessity. How for example:? An enterprise site of great transport.? A Webmail (email had access for the page of Internet, former: gmail, hotmail)? In summary a site that works as transistion of data. Cyrus Massoumi has many thoughts on the issue. In this in case that, you go to need a server (dedicated computer to store sites in the Internet) I recommend locaweb: the responsible company for the server normalemente supplies to you:? A computer (online 24X7)? Data base (where they will be stored its data, former: emails, logins, dates)? Proper domain (Former: instead of)? Emails (diretoria@ meusite.com.br)? many other things utisCabe you to evaluate what it goes to also need and to choose the certain plan (normally more cheap already of the account of the message) Noesquea that the organization is basic, and if you will have to quecontratar somebody to develop its site, remembers contrataralgum with experience and that goes to make the form things organizada.OsSites of the Internet is in constant change and early or late you to vaiprecisar to mecher in such a way in the content how much in the structure of its site, porisso preze for organizaoE remembers if: the cheap one leaves expensive..

Mang Medical One Beauty Clinics

The request is discussed most food after plastic surgery with your best friend, with whom you talk about your request July 30, 2010 after beauty treatment? who stood in this question the users on their homepage Mang medical one beauty clinics. Four possible answers were available: to anyone with your best friend / best friend, with my family, with my doctor. The result: The majority of the participants stated the best friend or best friend as a contact. The least called her doctor. That desire for a beauty treatment most with your best friend and the family being discussed, is comprehensible”, says Philipp Morsen b, Board member of Mang medical one beauty clinics.

Because it is a personal and intimate issues, often for years thinking about that most interested parties, contact so that the persons with which they have the greatest trust.” That the family with 32 of a total of 109 votes even after the best friend comes, could be an indication that the acceptance of a beauty treatment for your best friend than appreciated. Jeffrey L. Bewkes contains valuable tech resources. Figure 1: Results (source: Mang medical one AG) almost a quarter of the participants indicates, to speak with even anyone on the planned treatment of beauty. That suggests that the subject of plastic and aesthetic surgery in Germany for many remains a taboo”, explains Philip Morsen b. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. Maybe these people don’t dare, involving someone, because they suspect that they encounter with their desire to reject.” The Mang medical one hospital group (MMO) operates eight clinics and eleven aesthetic Center in Germany. The company is one of the leading clinic for plastic aesthetic medicine, weight management, and hair transplants in Europe and has with the Lake Constance clinic of Prof. Mang on an international renowned flagship. The quality management processes are Mang Medical one beauty clinics and aesthetic Center of Mang medical one AG TuV certified. All surgeons are the Mang medical one beauty clinics on aesthetics specialized and all medical director in Germany trained specialists for plastic surgery. They meet the high quality standards so Mang medical one. In the hospitals of the company, about 7,500 treatments are carried out per year.


Runner often changes place of work, its recommendations are controversial, it is reputed to be conflictual and unstable person, but good in the first stages of work. "In such cases, I would advise not to take the company manager from Western firms, startups and explicit, albeit with frequent changes of jobs, but obviously greedy to project from scratch. And so a year later, when he bored and go away, but raskrutit product, you can call a candidate from western companies ", – says Olga Samarin. "On the rare Specialists accounted for about half of all applicants to our employers' applications – commented Vitaly Lavrentiev, a leading specialist recruitment personnel center "UNITY." – Of rare trades demand in virtually all industries. " For example, a major international company manufacturing household appliances and electronics in need of professionals with knowledge of Korean language, which number in the market is extremely limited.

There is a reservation, that a man who knows not very common or complex language, automatically goes into a class of rare specimens. Also adds value to the employee know the last date technologies. "We have very much in demand geologists who are engaged 3D-modeling of oil reservoirs. "Kerosene stove" of not preparing, and employers are willing to pay several times just to get a specialist "- says President Yuri Virovets HeadHunter. Value of the rare professions can be illustrated by an arithmetic. According hh.ru, Geologist salary ranges from 30 to 130 thousand rubles. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare usually is spot on. The salary of more than 50 thousand rubles offered only to specialists, possessing specialized programs such as AutoCad, Eng Geo, etc.

Free Trade Agreement

I invite them to do click and to begin here to win today with them! But returning to Colombia and its complicated external scene, the government of Uribe has decided to put in practice some measures to attenuate the problems of competitiveness of the Colombian companies before the strong appreciation of the real type of cambo. The approval on the part of the Committee of Commerce and Tariffs of Colombia by six months of a tariff zero for the import of raw materials that Colombia does not produce looks for to diminish inflationary pressures and to improve the competitiveness of the companies through the reduction of its production costs. And to avoid an unequal competition, the committee decided to control the imports of footwear and originating preparations of China. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare may find this interesting as well. In order to resist the excess of supply of dollars, the Colombian government is also looking for to stimulate the purchase of dollars to put brake to him to the appreciation of the Colombian peso that in which it goes of the year accumulates a nominal appreciation superior to 7%. It will be necessary to hope to see the impact of these measures in the exporting sector, but at first sight, would seem to be insufficient the foreign policy that comes developing the Colombian government in search to celebrate new Free Trade Agreement to extend the fan of destiny of the exports of the Colombian companies represents, as I already commented in previous articles, the best alternative against the vulnerability that at the moment implies the high dependency of Colombia of as unstable countries as Venezuela and Ecuador. According to the president of the Association of Industralists of Colombia, Luis Carlos Villegas and comparing the present situation with that one generated by the attempt of coup d’etat to Chvez in the 2002: " Today we counted on better instruments of commercial policy to replace mercados".