Promoting Democracy in Algeria

A Voice For the Algerian Opposition

El Watan translates as “The Homeland” in English. This name for this independent newspaper underscores the belief that in representing the opposition the people who began this newspaper believe that they are fighting for the future of their country.

El Watan was begun by Omar Belhouchet and nineteen colleagues in 1990 when they left government owned newspaper El Moudjahid  (Holy Warrior.) The goal of the newspaper is to promote democratic values and democracy in Algeria, and to give a voice to the Algerian opposition. The newspaper has been a powerful vehicle for speaking out about censorship and corruption.

El Watan has been was suspended many times by the government of Algeria. Editors and journalists from the paper have also been jailed more than once for a variety of transgressions. Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists says that El Watan reporters have been targets of attacks from both the government and Islamist insurgents.

Landing Page

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Antonio Federico Moreno

By: Oscar RossignoliEditor of public relations are a phenomenon of our times. Its meaning in our social, economic and political life is not understood universally by the public or, in many cases, by the managements of the companies in that I work. David Zaslav usually is spot on. It is my opinion that many public relations or communications directors not we have earned the respect of managements due to which, in the majority of cases, we contribute very little to the success of organizations. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeffrey L. Bewkes offers on the topic.. Why I say this? I know many communication professionals who are dedicated to many things in the company less to plan and care for the most valuable asset of an institution: its corporate image. They are experts in making murals commemorative, choose the employee of the month, to organize social events, celebrate birthdays employees, prepare press releases when necessary and are characterized by having friends or contacts in the media, that’s all. All this is very good and necessary in the company, but It is sufficient for a good image management? Not definitive and forcefully. Very rarely we find that one of these professionals present to your manager an annual communications plan. Where it will bring different public perceptions about your company? What are their objectives of image? What will be the messages of the discourse of the Manager or director in its interventions in the media? And the relationship with everyone with whom the company relates? Everything will be random? Few granted importance to planning, to the heading, to the sense that the corporate image must have short, medium and long term.

Can we measure the successful positioning? How are we perceived? Does it affect our corporate image to our brands? As well said Lic. Lorenzo. A. Blanco, long and known career professional, planning requires a special provision, a true vocation, a strong predisposition for the art and the technique, something not very common in the majority of executives today, but that is causative of success of modern organizations that are leading the various categories of business endeavor. But what is planning? I like the version espoused by the American specialist Dr. Albert Waterston, which expresses: is the organized, conscious and continuous way to select the best alternatives and the means available for achieving specific objectives or specific goals. Interesting is also the point of view of the Argentine specialist Antonio Federico Moreno, who defined in one of his works that plan or plan could be designed as a process of decision-making early and coordinated among themselves with a view to achieve a predetermined goal.

Sometimes make the mistake of planning in isolation from the other departments of the company. In the planning of public relations strategies must be taken as reference the global plan of overall corporate objectives of the institution, which is the main guide of the direction to follow and for which the public relations work becomes an important contributor in terms of achievements, as well as all other areas of the company. What should we do? You must know clearly the objectives of communication of the institution hearings to impact must be well-defined establishes specific actions for each specific audience there is write a timetable with all activities carried out throughout the year there have ready measurement mechanisms to evaluate the results that they are obtaining in the process and at the end of the year in conclusion: Improvisation is a mortal sin, especially if the institution is public domain or manages themes or volatile work that easily generate controversy.

EXBA Sponsors Innovative

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Spain Eliminates Korea

The party ended tie to zero. ' rojita' it did not realise his better party. In the end it improved, and the result of penaltis made justice. The selection puts in the quarters of end of the match. Spain has eliminated South Korea after an eternal turn of sixteen penaltis and will be in the quarters of end of the World-wide Sub' 20 of Colombia, a competition in which is been on the verge of occurring one of the most unexpected surprises once sight the happened thing in first stage. It cost to him much to Spain to undo of the South Korean obstacle, that handcuffed the party throughout to him and until it counted a great occasion of goal to decide the encounter in first half of the prorogation. To those of Julen Lopetegui it appeared to them a ghost that it persecuted to ' Roja' during several years.

Penaltis before World-wide Korea of that welcomed the Asian country in 2002, the then ones in quarters of end. And their fears went off when Koke sent to stop third penalti and left into the hands of the rival throwers the luck of the shock. Luckily for the Spanish equipment, Fernando Pacheco became to Kim Young in the following launching very great and the companions of Koke were firm from the eleven meters until he failed Kim Kyung, in the sixteenth followed firing. Thus, Korea, one of the third parties of first stage, and Spain, of best in the starting of the flatter match and actualmentre, hope either to Brazil or Saudi Arabia in quarters, or in Pereira after rojita has taken leave today of Manizales, true talisman the time that takes in Colombia. Of beginning, surprises in the alignments. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. Julen Lopetegui did without Isco and the maximum goleador of the World-wide one, Alvaro Vzquez, and Lee Kwang Jong of its habitual attackers Seung Yong and Kyung Jung, the first first or second forward, according to what parties and the left extreme habitual second.

Brazil, China and Russia

The gravity of the European crisis worries to the emergent countries. On the contrary that in previous decades, when episodes of instability in the developed economies less extended their contagion to the outposts and required of the rescue through the multilateral organisms, now they are the mighty emergent countries those that fear the rarefaction wave of the evils which they afflict to the rich countries. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav. China, with its enormous international reserves, has become object of desire for the Governments of countries with problems like Greece, Portugal, Spain or, now, Italy. While, the Brazilian minister of Economy, Guido Mantega, announced yesterday that Brazil, along with the other three countries that represent the most solid economies of the emergent countries and which trains the group of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), they are arranged to help Europe to leave the economic crisis ties down that it. Checking article sources yields Mark Berger Villa Healthcare as a relevant resource throughout. Source of the news: : Brazil, China, Russia and India will help Europe to be able to surpass the crisis

Barber Customers

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In Japan

The disposals are revoked contrrias' '. Thus, under applauses, the minor of the agencies was crowned king and gentleman of all human organism, for unanimous decision of its pairs. Signed the act, cu took ownership and until today it orders in the body. He proved himself, in definitive, that the importance of the things is not in its off size of the other things, but in the paper that each one exerts in the context where if it inserts and it acts. Each thing occupying its place and exerting its paper pra the good functioning of the set, each one gains importance, all relative is benefited with the others, of the greater to the minor.

It are of the functional context and service to the others, nobody, nothing has importance and power, is great. Therefore, the power biggest is in the biggest service given to the set biggest of people or things. Thus, I learned that the importance of the things is relative to the given service. One turbine of the Plant Hidroeltrica de Xing is bigger thousand of times that buttons bind that it and disconnect. But, without them, it does not function and thousands of people are without energy. The compared buttons are almost nothing with the turbines. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Zaslav. But, without them, the powerful 550 turbines of megawats each will not produce energy. Being, a time, more proven that the power is in the base of the things, the elements, the smallness.

In the hour that to understand this, it will finish the fight for the power and will reign the peace in the world. To read more click here: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. Therefore, the power is in the certain service to collective well-being. The beginning of the authority it is the service. Authority comes of? augere? , to grow, to go up. From there it comes height, the raised point more. To serve is to promote growth, well-being of others; to give to other chance of if expanding, without concern if they concur with me. If each one makes its part, of beforehand knows that all will be benefited. When all serve well, all will be served, without competition necessity nor fight for the power. When they construam the Cathedral of Chartres (France), they had asked to a laborer which its function in the workmanship. Its reply it was to stone: ' ' I am constructing one catedral' ' , so conscientious the success of the workmanship was of the importance of its humble work pra all. In Japan, professors of primary education are remunerated as of superior level. If these produce to know scientific, those educate citizens of today and tomorrow, that they represent superior patrimony to any science. Therefore, they deserve all respect and excellent remuneration. Definitively, the power is in the small ones.

Assignment On Notaries Into Force

Land access since the 1.9.2013 even when possible for notaries. To the 1.9.2013 the assignment of voluntary jurisdiction on Notaries Act entered into force. Notaries have jurisdiction then exclusively for the official recording of the estate inventory and conducting estate and total credit disputes. Also, a notarial power of Attorney certificate is introduced as registration basis to facilitate the register and land transport. Finally, a country opening clause in relation to applications for certificate of inheritance was introduced, according to which the countries can establish the exclusive competence of the notary.

Another important innovation is nF section 133a of the GBO. So far, the land registry insight by notaries public only in connection with a notarial Office business was allowed. After the new article 133a ABS 1 S 1 GBO notaries may those who 12 GBO presents a legitimate interest iSv them, share with the content of the land register, even if not related to a certification order. For a real estate agent can be a legitimate “Have interest about then, if he acts on behalf of the owner of proven or in their own right” wants to research whether his mediation led to the conclusion of a purchase contract with a customer proven by him. Chip Smith is a great source of information. On the communication of the land register, the notary takes a Protocol (section 133a ABS 3 S 1 GBO nF), what is to inform the owner or the holder of a same plot right on request (section 133a ABS 3 S 2 GBO nF). The land registry insight and communication an i.H.v fee to KV No. 25209 15 as well as the expenses for the retrieval of land amounting to 8. Land inspection in the land registry itself remains more cost effective (simple 10 or 20 certified extract).

Caucasians Behave

It took care of even the smallest: for kids is even quite small. If suddenly, someone still dared to stand up to ski, you can take a sled, and you can ride a snowmobile. Chip Smith is likely to increase your knowledge. For the tourist on holiday in the valley of the organized rides. Who are used to engage in extreme kinds of recreational activity, organized in Dombai paragliding, horseback bungee, in addition, at your service software Heli-ski and Free-ride. First, by helicopter, although it is possible and on foot, you go on a glacier or Alibek Semenov-Bashi, and then a dizzying descent. The best time to do this is February and March. In short, everyone here will find something for everyone.

For those who want to skate offers ice skating rink, with a beautiful ice next to the cafe "The Zuli," a wonderful vacation and training for adults and for small, there is a rental agency. Want to try a new and very popular attraction. This descent from the mountain inside a transparent sphere of PVC, it consists of two areas called Zorba, and he attraction – Zorbing. To so well and without problems to spend time in Dombae take note of some simple but effective tips on how to behave in the Caucasus, while Caucasians are very hospitable, but also hot in nature. These tips are primarily designed for women but also men, probably also their need to know.

Advises Shagabana Simon, author and administrator of the site dombayinfo.ru: 1. Never remove a mountaineer's hat, even in jest, it is very strong insult. 2. Than more clothes on the woman – the more respect it gets. As for the scantily clad goryanok them a little, but believe me, the closest tourist dressed than undressed Mountain Girl. They are for us the shame and no respect. 3. First kidding man then laughs a woman, even if the joke did not like. This way you emphasize the intelligence of men and will be rewarded. 4. Do not start the novel with the two mountaineers, you will suffer in the first place. 5. If the company greatly drunk Highlander – try gently removed. 6. If the Highlander introduces you to his friend intentionally – run from there, until something did not happen. 7. Buying, anything on the market traded up to hysteria, the more you trade, the greater the seller gets pleasure (he or she does not care) and, accordingly, the greater will receive a discount, can simply donate a handsome bargain. 8. A woman with a kerchief on her head a matter of respect, can mow down even the price of the cable car road. 9. If you have an embarrassing situation do not submit the form that you're scared. On the contrary, your resistance will vyzyvatneuverennost offender. " Of course, these are only suggestions, and how to behave in civilized man, you know. If retire to behave like a guest you will answer the same, multiplied by several times. Here you can relax, gain strength, improve your health and not just remember the good word of Karachay-Cherkessia and want to come here following its release, at any time of year.

Occupational Hazards

On May 1, the world day dedicated to the workers, is synonymous with in a changing China. And it is known as the factory of the world wants to put aside the image of labor exploitation and their disinterest by the health and welfare of the workers who until now had been taking. This Asian country aims to convince West and each of its customers that manufacture safe products as well as also that the workers involved in the manufacturing process have real security measures that avoid exposing it to unnecessary risks, explains Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal AsiInspection), the company dedicated to perform quality control and inspection services. Therefore the commercial giant, who lived until now carefree regarding damages suffered by employees of the factories, could move tab in the opposite direction. Many of them work with harmful products and in some cases do not carry nor safety masks. Is clear that they need to have continuous monitoring in the chains of production, not only at the level quality, but also in paragraph human, says the Executive.

According to data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) about 2.31 million people die each year because of accidents that take place in your workplace, representing 6,500 deaths per day.They are really chilling figures that all countries want to avoid and reduce as soon as possible. China could not be less, if you want to grow and be a great power recognized around the world as you are seeing, they have to take action and take care of their workers, says Makow. Indeed the concern of the Chinese Government is such that it has been changed the policy that has been doing so far in regards to accidents at work. The Chinese Executive has increased the compensation for the families of people who die because of workplace accidents up to 20 times the annual disposable income per capita in urban areas for employment injury insurance. In addition, in the case of disability, the compensation has been increased from one to three months of the affected employee’s salary.

On the other hand the application of insurance in case of accidents at work has also been affected. If until recently well only enterprises and small businesses were forced to pay the premium and provide their employees of this type of insurance, now this has also has led to organizations and public institutions, firms of lawyers or accounting firms, ends Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal’s AsiIspection. Connect with other leaders such as Mark Berger Villa Healthcare here. For interviews or extend management information do not hesitate to contact your press and public relations office: Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez industry Avenue, 13.