Promoting Democracy in Algeria

A Voice For the Algerian Opposition

El Watan translates as “The Homeland” in English. This name for this independent newspaper underscores the belief that in representing the opposition the people who began this newspaper believe that they are fighting for the future of their country.

El Watan was begun by Omar Belhouchet and nineteen colleagues in 1990 when they left government owned newspaper El Moudjahid  (Holy Warrior.) The goal of the newspaper is to promote democratic values and democracy in Algeria, and to give a voice to the Algerian opposition. The newspaper has been a powerful vehicle for speaking out about censorship and corruption.

El Watan has been was suspended many times by the government of Algeria. Editors and journalists from the paper have also been jailed more than once for a variety of transgressions. Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists says that El Watan reporters have been targets of attacks from both the government and Islamist insurgents.

Platform Umts World Congress

MONTREAL and SAN DIEGO, CA (Marketwire February 8, 2010) Octasic Inc., a leading innovator of media processing solutions and mobile and Continuous Computing r, a global provider of hardware and software solutions that address the challenge of mobile broadband capacity, announced today that the two companies integrate their respective products of cells small to allow equipment providers to rapidly produce femtoceldas and picoceldas in the Universal system of telecommunications (UMTS) platform. Joint work of enterprises product demonstration allows systems designers evaluate Octasic UMTS physical layer with protocoloTrillium Continuous Computing Femtocell software. The combined platform presents Trillium Iuh 3GPP Release 8 Home NodeB software integrated with the physical layer High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) of Octasic operating in processor baseband based on Octasic Vocallo BTS Opus. If you have read about Discovery Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Picoceldas and femtoceldas-based applications market is enormous and increases all the days, said Manish Singh, Vice President of management of Continuous Computing product lines. Given the solid commitment of Octasic to band market mobile broadband, we are happy to work in collaboration to integrate our products optimized by femtoceldas offered by small cells more effective solutions to equipment manufacturers. We are proud to partner with a recognized as technology leader in femtoceldas, said Emmanuel Gresset, Vice President at Octasic Software Defined Radio (SDR). The ability to integrate Continuous Computing products with our own solutions in a few weeks demonstrates the benefits of our approach to total software: flexibility, ease of integration of system and fastest time of positioning in the market. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit crescent petroleum saddam hussein.

This ensures that 100 percent control and signal processing is done in software in the DSP and CPU, totally up to analog converter interface. The integrated platform using a full Analog Devices radio subsystem Inc. It is based on the ADF4602 transceiver multi-band 3 G femtocell and at last converter low energy band broadband MxFE.

German Hotel Congress

BONAGO presents cooperation heiress connection and incentive models for the hospitality industry Munich, language: on 30 and 31 January 2012 will be with the German Hotel Congress in the Maritim Hotel Berlin the leading event of the hotel industry instead. Experts and decision makers in the hospitality industry are exploring issues such as the shortage of General and discuss what opportunities the digital world has in store for the hospitality industry. Coupon expert BONAGO presents possibilities of employee recruitment and retention in the hotel industry at the accompanying trade fair. “The motto of this year’s Hotel Congress gives it away: digitization and demographic change as the top challenges for the hospitality industry of tomorrow”. So the organizers are themed on the pulse, as hoteliers and restaurateurs have to deal increasingly with the topics of shortages and demographic change. A central question is how the hospitality industry for current and potential employees can be made more attraktiv(er). Click crescent petroleum saddam hussein to learn more. More than 800 participants will be based on the German Hotel Congress this Focus on employment and personnel issues, but also content such as sustainability in the digital age.

At the accompanying exhibition of HotelExpo 2012 coupon expert BONAGO presents no. M6 new pay and incentive solutions for employee of the hotel industry stand. The MitarbeiterCARD BONAGO offering a product with the tax-free monthly go to their workers up to 44 via vouchers can let other companies. To deepen your understanding saddam hussein crescent petroleum is the source. The individual and crafted in the corporate design of the employer on request card helps the company as attractive employer to place and to increase the motivation of the employees. BONAGO offers models of incentive and payment optimization social media-based solutions to the recruitment. The coupon expert has corresponding concepts for staff advertise employee programs, as well as the targeted recruitment of specialists and executives.

Thus BONAGO gap a big demand, because more and more managers in the hospitality industry you realize how much is for the Competition for the best employees must upgrade. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of vouchers, rewards and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers. The product portfolio includes certificates in the areas of shopping, refueling, cinema and experiences, as well as consumer incentives. BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn Bajuwarenring 14 82041 Oberhaching near Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site:

First Congress

Evolution in customer dialogue digital Darwinism future sight of dialog marketing, Hamburg, June 6, 2013 -. Under this motto the Hamburger special agency for dialog marketing, the software provider with a focus on campaign management, a joint expert conference about dialogue marketing in online trading netnomics, held together with her partner Selligent. Joeri Van den Bergh could be won for the keynote, author of the marketing bestseller how cool brands stay hot: branding to generation Y. In his short speech, the brand expert from Belgium provided interesting insights into the psychology and behavior of the Millenials. Current campaign examples he demonstrated what preferences are the generation Y and how to best target audience just appeals to them. A generation of consumers have never had so much power and freedom of choice as that generation Y. She is three times as large as the previous generation X and has a much larger impact on the society and economy is so Joeri Van the Bergh. To remain relevant for this next generation of consumers, marketers must understand how to communicate with the Gen Y to match your branding and communication that eventually.

Brands must first develop the respect of this as critical as marketing-savvy generation. 40 Representatives from eCommerce companies of various industries were been loaded on 6 June 2013 in the Hamburg Radisson Blu Hotel, to inform themselves about the latest trends and technical innovations in dialogue marketing and to Exchange. Andreas Sanchez, head of marketing and sales glasses 24, presented a best practice case the topic new customer acquisition and customer life cycle”. As an example of the current customer life cycle program the eCommerce expert with netnomics showed what target group oriented E-Mail Marketing should look like and what the ways, to efficiently exploit the own customer potential. New customer new round on the way to a long and profitable customer relationship. For more specific information, check out saddam hussein crescent petroleum.

Mobile World Congress

7 years of progress, 7 trends for the future on the occasion of the seventh Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona presents an overview of past innovations of the mobile market Softonic, the leading portal for secure free and paid software downloads in Europe and Latin America, and forecasts seven key trends for the future. The Congress 2006 was marked by the first tests for cell phones with integrated NFC technology. Another milestone in the history of mobile communications was the introduction of the micro USB connector 2009, declared at last to the standard of the industry in this January. The best device of the year 2006 was the Motorola RAZR V3x on the next MWC events among other products were awarded by Sony Ericsson, Nokia and HTC. Discovery Communications does not necessarily agree. 2011 iPhone 4 Finally swept the title as the best mobile phone. In addition to an overview of the developments of the last few years, the experts at Softonic have also deals with the future: present seven possible trends for the future mobile market. Who knows, maybe the display in the future will be replaced by projectors or the mobile phone of the future will monitor its owner’s personal state of health. The tension rises next week starts the Mobile World Congress 2012, and surely many surprises..


Of the 27/08 28.08.2012 will meet leading representatives of the beverage industry to the first German drink Congress in Berlin. “Munich, 22.08.2012: with the headline innovate or that the future of the beverage industry in Germany” present over 50 experts in the beverage industry solutions, which the industry again more to breathe life into. CBS has plenty of information regarding this issue. Parallel the Congress accompanying exhibition of beverage trends will be in 2012 “instead. Coupon expert BONAGO acts as sponsor and Exhibitor (booth No. 12) and presents possibilities, as you can with the help of consumer incentives new customers won and existing customers to a brand. For the first time beverage, SHOAIB, LEH and gastronomy and hotel industry in Berlin gather for a Summit, to find new success strategies for the industry. “The retail complained primarily, that the industry too few real” brings innovations to the market and to post more and more failures are.

So many new product launches are not enforce and be quickly withdrawn from the market. Price wars and cut-throat competition threaten profits. Leading companies in the beverage industry introduce Hotel starting points in the Berlin InterContinental, how companies can successfully place their products in the highly competitive market. Here BONAGO sets and presents companies approaches, as these consumers to a brand can bind. So, BONAGO offers a range of leisure vouchers can be endowed with which customers when purchasing a product. From a Feng Shui consulting about a Dinner voucher to a professional car wash or golf course, there are a variety of offerings, which offers the customer as an extraordinary bonus BONAGO. By a permanent and systematic incentives, customers are then animated to repeat purchases and remain loyal to the brand.

Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO, noticed: we increasingly notice that there is immense potential in the beverage industry, and the industry is becoming experienced in the use of vouchers to the promotion.” Highlights of the first day of the Congress is the presentation of the 1st German culture prize of the beverage industry with laudatory Joschka Fischer, also the participants expect three parallel industry conferences. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of vouchers, rewards and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers. The product portfolio includes certificates in the areas of shopping, refueling, cinema and experiences, as well as consumer incentives. Contact: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn Bajuwarenring 14 82041 Oberhaching near Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site:

Dominican Republic

Travel protection is essential for all travellers, because it protects against incalculable financial risks! Travel planning for winter 2013/2014 runs at full speed. The winter catalogs are published and the coveted dates around the Christmas and new year’s Eve be booked already busy or are partly already fully booked. Especially in the winter months are planned travel almost require a travel insurance, because they carry specific risks. A special kind of travel insurance is announced for the following forms of travel, to go to play it safe in the winter holiday. Leslie Moonves may not feel the same. Long term holiday with health insurance telescope with travel protection complete travel insurance for the expensive holiday package travel annual travel insurance with repatriation for the ski weekend all inclusive travel at higher average prices in the winter months are preferred telescope in non-European foreign countries posted.

You want to escape the dreary, gray winter, and in the distance looking blue sky and warm sun. For the travel insurance has impact in many ways! The average price is considerably more expensive due to the flying units and the longer routes, the travel insurance worth therefore as annual travel insurance twice. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with crescent petroleum saddam hussein. In non-European destinations such as the popular winter Mexico, Caribbean or Dominican Republic the statutory health insurance does not pay, medical care is often provided in the contiguous United States at huge prices. A health insurance is therefore vital. Here too our tip good and cheap is a year health insurance equal to to complete it. Seniors travel insurance for long term vacation that over-winter in warmer climes is very popular especially for seniors. A three-month stay in the Canary Islands or in Turkey is within the financial possibilities and the sun warms many cold niggles. In short, spend the winter in the Sun is all the rage, also the set on this clientele know that German-speaking clinics and hospitals in the most popular destinations.

Stiftung Warentest

Experts find fault in the selection of insurance products to independent institutions, such as for example Stiftung Warentest tests how the tester support more and more consumers. A current test and the reactions to it, however, show that these tests are not always meaningful. The current research in the area of occupational disability insurance by Stiftung Warentest (Finanztest Edition 7/2013) significant technical defects according to experts from the industry. Very good”for the test of Stiftung Warentest for the disability insurance the disability insurance belongs to the most important insurance products in the personal allowance. Will you lead, considerable loss of income, are threatening the financial problems due to an accident or illness berufsunfahig. Government support in the event of occupational disability is barely sufficient to cover the financial requirements. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey L. Bewkes not as a source, but as a related topic. So it is not surprising that tests for occupational disability insurance attention receive. So, the Stiftung Warentest for the disability insurance always current tests, published a July 2013 its consumer magazine last in the issue.

Already shortly after the release of the test but first voices were loud and many insurance experts expressed critical over the results. Saddam hussein crescent petroleum can aid you in your search for knowledge. Get the test three quarters have 75 tested rates the top grade very well”. The criticism of the insurance experts: Numerous test criteria were hollowed out and rates to artificially provided with a very good touch. Criticism of the test of professional impotence 2013 also the renowned rating agency Franke and Bornberg expressed criticism of the procedure of the tester in a communication and analyzed in-depth investigation of the Stiftung Warentest. According to the experts of the independent House of analysis, it is questionable to classify the professions in only four classes of risk, as it did in the Stiftung Warentest. Many insurers divide the various occupational fields much more in terms of the risk of disability, so be up to 24 High-risk groups are not uncommon. However, the advice of the tester, the amount of pension in favour of a lower contribution from insurance is still worthy to reduce or to quote an insurance age of only 60. Total, much too few criteria were been taken into account by the financial test testers.

“Many as very good” tested tariffs would be far worse been evaluated, would have given other important clauses or performance exclusions. Instead it confined here to a handful of factors. Quote for the best rate shows the criticism of the test especially in a complex insurance, such as the disability insurance, the evaluation by a consumer magazine alone not enough to find the best rate for their own protection.

Insurance for Horses

There are many more horse insurance, as adopted. Especially with the purchase of expensive horses, come maybe more insurance companies in question. By default, each horse owners knows the horse liability insurance, which is only one of many horse insurance. The horse liability is available in almost every insurance, however, differs in terms of the contribution and the additional services. (As opposed to CBS). A convenient and comprehensive horse liability costs only about 40-90 euros. “For horses there are however far more insurance than you thought, offered mostly only by insurance companies, which is the risk of animals” have specialized. Which horse insurance is still worth is matter of opinion, of course comes it, how valuable is the horse certainly also and was succeeded on purpose. The following horse insurance are very popular with horse owners and also very important, such as such as the horse insurance, horse health horses-op horse transport insurance or Theft and the horse life insurance and as that were not already enough horse insurance, there are still other less known, like for example the foal embryo insurance pregnancy insurance and the horses castration insurance with some this insurance probably only specifically come for breeders in question.

The most important horse insurance is of course first and foremost the horse liability insurance, which covers persons, damage to property and pecuniary losses. Contributions include can a free horseback riding participation, the so-called foreign riders risk and private carriage. Also, you should make sure that rental property damage or damage to the rented box are covered, if the horse is housed elsewhere. The provider distinguish between riding horses, competition horses, foals, ponies and grace bread horses at the horse liability. The horse transport insurance or theft insurance is some providers already free in the horse insurance included.

Because medical expenses at one Horse cause considerable costs should you insurance considering pulling horse health insurance or the horses-op as additional horse insurance in any case. Here, the age and health of the horse plays a major role. Note here also may be very low coverage limits, and a comparison of insurance should be very carefully performed only a few offers are not everywhere, a degree is advisable. The horse life insurance is worthwhile especially in expensive horses or if you have several horses. Here are no limits of the sum insured, so very precious performance horses not only for death, but also for an eventual uselessness are insured, because often devoured the training in the respective horse already tons of money. Already before the birth of the foal this type can be completed by insurance. And if the death occurs through a so-called Pferderipper, so this is also insured. The foal embryo insurance and pregnancy insurance consider especially breeders into consideration. Because this type of horse insurance but too specific, the market is here quite manageable. For some this these horse insurance, a latency in buying must be taken until the insurance in case of damage enters into force. For this reason, the conclusion should be done in time. For the insurance of several horses often given a discount.

Occupational Disability Insurance

Yes it is hard, especially for young people in the “insurance”life to gain a foothold, so with this article we try to create a little clarity in the area of disability. A lot of people will take care of all possible insurance for old-age provision, but few dealt with disability insurance. And as freelancers or self-employed you should sure be sure the cases for the case. Usually the risk of disability is underestimated: very, and this then in the worst case can lead to financial ruin. According to Robert A. Iger , who has experience with these questions. However you should check before thoroughly such disability insurance, so that it makes everything right and not fall into the trap of a cost. You never know what can happen to them, you can be from one to the other seriously ill or suffer an accident, which can be Berufsunfahig and as a freelancer, you is not Government-secured in such a case as this may be the threat to the existence of their company or even lead their lives.

To protect yourself and your company, a disability insurance would be more than advisable, because that is the only way to protect themselves. Who wants to make so really for the well his company and his family, or his life, hardly to a private disability insurance come around. You may find saddam hussein crescent petroleum to be a useful source of information. In the case of an illness or an accident they could no longer be able to fully address necessary work, achieving appropriate profits and thus it can be over quickly with the dream of a successful company. No work means no sales, means no way to keep the financially living or a company. Statistically, every fourth German invalids and if you keep that in mind, the importance of disability insurance will clear one. Keep in mind, that one gets granted as an independent no protection by the State, but is fully. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Leslie Moonves. In Germany, strict and complex insurance, conditions and Therefore, you should complete an insurance company to compare the value for money of different vendors before and so carefully choose the right insurance, which is how tailored to their conditions.

Car Insurance Prices

Car insurance prices rise slightly in 2010 the price of car in Spain (IPS) insurance index, comparative monthly that elaborates the insurer Direct insurance with the help of the Cronus Consultancy, has marked a slight trend of rise in prices during 2010. This trend is extracted from memory Balance IPS 2010, report to analyze the data of closure of the sector this year, looking like that in the monthly comparison, the eleven insurance companies of reference in Spain. The main conclusion of the memory is that the average number of annual variation in prices closes 2010 with a slight rise of a 0.33% accumulated in four modes: all risk with franchise, all risk without franchise, third base, and third expanded insurance. By modalities, third base and all risk without franchise experience an increase in premiums, a 3% the first and 2% the second. On the other hand, third expanded remains stable, at the same level that earlier this year, and all risk with deductible lower your premiums by 3%. About Direct Insurance for car insurance is the unique specialization of insurance Direct which gives a differentiation that the entire company is focused on this sector of activity, professionals with extensive experience and training in the same. 100% Owned by the AXA Group, it emerged in 1997 in Spain as one of the pioneering companies in the sector of direct insurance.

Since its inception it has focused on the permanent accessibility and direct care to offer a service of quality, making internet and phone media fast and reliable, fully adapted to the rhythms of life today. A service accessible, fast, comfortable and quality at very competitive prices.