Promoting Democracy in Algeria

A Voice For the Algerian Opposition

El Watan translates as “The Homeland” in English. This name for this independent newspaper underscores the belief that in representing the opposition the people who began this newspaper believe that they are fighting for the future of their country.

El Watan was begun by Omar Belhouchet and nineteen colleagues in 1990 when they left government owned newspaper El Moudjahid  (Holy Warrior.) The goal of the newspaper is to promote democratic values and democracy in Algeria, and to give a voice to the Algerian opposition. The newspaper has been a powerful vehicle for speaking out about censorship and corruption.

El Watan has been was suspended many times by the government of Algeria. Editors and journalists from the paper have also been jailed more than once for a variety of transgressions. Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists says that El Watan reporters have been targets of attacks from both the government and Islamist insurgents.


The producer said that through because love sends it will send a message to children and young people to avoid the consumption of drugs MEXICO (Notimex).-After several years of drug addiction, the producer Juan Osorio recognizes that it is starting to pay the Bill, since two months ago he was subjected to a nose surgery to regain the sense of smell. Osorio told about this surgery which caused so many speculations recently, as it was thought that it might be an aesthetic issue, however, accepted that it was in order to recover the sense of smell. Many people criticized me, because it was said that it had arranged me nose, and for nothing, not even the wrinkles I fix, I I am so and I’ll be as I am, said the producer, who through her new telenovela because love sends, will send a message to children and youth to prevent drug use. I feel good, it makes time pass through a difficult time and I’ve always said emotionally I’m very well, explained producer, during the presentation of the protagonists of because love sends, Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto. Added that it will meet two months have undergone this surgery on July 29, he had years of having lost the sense of smell, but the doctor gave me the security that was going to go well and I dared even though I am still in rehabilitation. He indicated that even hurt him some muscles of the face and found under cleaning in the nostrils, since it still has flow, but everything is on track and is recovered successfully, my health always I cuidare it. Once more, Osorio emphasized that its excesses of the past, today they bring repercussions, so it called on young people to care so that they do not pass through these difficult situations.

They do not create that making one young man, does not have a Bill, avoid that pain to his family, he said. Get all the facts and insights with Leo Noe, another great source of information. I’m fine and ready for this new project, said Osorio concerning melodrama because love manda, it will start recording on August 6. He noted that Ludwika Paleta could not be in the story by work commitments, however much trust in the couple of Blanca Soto and Fernando Colunga. Besides that this story also returns to the forums of television actor Enrique Lizaldi and gives opportunity to Ninel Conde show that not only is a sculpted body, but it also has wooden acting.


Saliva Vampire third kind of memory temporarily deprive the victim. Vampires – this evil can not hide. To enter the premises of the vampire must be invited. And after this house from them, not save. Y vampires have superhuman abilities, they are familiar with levitation and they are much stronger person. In the vampire is very little liquid blood. They live through something more miraculous than the substance, which carries blood to organism.

Their blood bears little resemblance to the usual and reminds egg yolk, hard-boiled. Vampire can drive, using a cross, but only if you really do you believe in the Creator, and your cross is not for you symbol imposed on your religion. You can kill a vampire if he stick in the heart of something sharp, or, if cut off his head. After this span of a vampire evaporates, and in its place remains the clothes he wore, and various things that he had with him, for example, clocks and even dental crowns, in general, everything that was not part of a vampire. Some people have the ability to see the glow around the vampire: "And I saw a dark blue glow, first round a young man, and then around both men. This had not ever seen me. Radiance is reminiscent of the dark, I sometimes felt on the street when his head began to sound like bells. A hit in the nose smell. Joel and Ethan Coen is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

You seem to be knew that none of these things, but it was. And I knew it. Not taken, it came later, but I understood. The young man was a vampire. "If you contemplate such a glow, then blowing his legs away quickly. The more powerful the vampire, the black light of his aura. You can try to destroy the vampire, for that Plug into his skull that a sharp and as deeply as possible, so it's best, as an attempt to cut off the head is not the right decision, because if you do not get cut off head at once, you can incur the fury of the vampire. The best thing – to try to kill a vampire, when they do their favorite pastime – drinking someone's blood. The victim this time is in a state similar to hypnosis, but also a vampire also become less alert and full of his case.

Debeka Pension

How are tests to evaluate pension? A pension plan is working to test private pension plans is a very complex issue and so tests are always product groups at retirement, as bond investigates the Riester pension or Rurup. Usually, a model customer is used. David Zaslav has similar goals. The products for example on guaranteed annuity payment, flexibility, security and contribution are tested. Riester pension test 2012 by Finanztest magazine Finanztest has most recently in September 2012 a Riester pension test published. The 29 tested Party 5 companies received the note”good. Continue to learn more with: Leo Noe.

Among other things, the Debeka (2.5), the Hanoverian (2.5), the Huk24 (2.4), the Alte Leipziger (2.5) and the HanseMerkur (2.5) could convince pension the testers with their offerings to the Riester. Also at the Riester pension there different forms of care, such as the Riester Banksparplan and the classic Riester pension. These products are tested each tests in different retirement plans. Therefore, test results should serve only as a guide and does not constitute independent advice from replace a qualified technician. More details of how a retirement test and the individual test results, see this link. Rurup pension test 2012 by the magazine focus money in issue 26/2012 has the magazine focus money under the title the best Rurup policies “last a Rurup pension test published. The Rurup pension awarded 2012 are the offers of the Alliance, the Huk-Coburg, the PB life and the well-being of people Federal.

The offers of the cosmos, Hanoverian and WWK belong to the best Rurup Fund policies. The Rurup pension especially for customers who can benefit from the tax incentives and flexibility of this pension is worth according to the testers. Find the best retirement plans who want to live later not only by the statutory pension, not around comes with the different ways he to deal with pensions. A pension may be the first kick-off test here, to deal with individual product groups. In addition also a pension can review comparison be pulled. Who is not sure, which product to his living situation is appropriate, should consult with an expert objectively, because the investment in a private pension should be permanent.

Private Disability Insurance

General disability pension is enough to safeguard the living standards in the case of disability, not from private BUV required the legislator of 2001 for far-reaching change existing rules to the disability had been with the law on the reform of pensions due to reduced earning capacity. Especially the de facto abolition of statutory occupational disability insurance in favour of a new three-tiered disability pension had serious consequences. This pension is paid depending on still given acquisition ability. This applies: only if the person concerned can work less than three hours a day, is entitled to the full benefits; the disability pension is halved at a daily working capacity between three to six hours. With a good monthly salary of 3,500 euros (residence: old Bundeslander) would in this case a pension amounting to only 560 euro per month (half pension). The insured persons able to work six or more hours a day, is in accordance with the rules applicable since 2001 at all no entitlement to pension benefits. More info: Joel and Ethan Coen . The same applies to young professionals who have not at least three years have done their compulsory contributions within a period of five years (prior to the disability or incapacity). But the new rules have a drawback: about the financial constraints also affected parties can be also urged, even unskilled occupations to take over, to the training and the professional career not or only partly fit.

The NuRNBERGER Versicherung advises due to the impending shortage of legal disability pension to to leave early and advised individually on existing opportunities of the private disability insurance. Check out Leo Noe for additional information. A Nuremberg BUV protects employees who want to be in the event of the incapacity of the location to keep their accustomed standard of living, but also members of other professional groups, including the self-employed and freelancers. These do not belong to the District of statutory pension insurance, have so generally no entitlement to benefits for incapacity for work. Officials and employees of the public service should provide private in the event of occupational disability, however at premature invalidity considerable economic constraints can threaten in individual cases. Especially the early conclusion of a disability insurance is beneficial for all occupational groups: young professionals and trainees benefit at the Nuremberg beginners-BU of special articles and a consistent coverage in the first 5 years of insurance.

For more information on the subject of disability and the NuRNBERGER insurance solutions: about the NuRNBERGER Versicherung the NuRNBERGER insurance group has revenues of 4.8 billion in the fiscal year 2012 and nationwide 27,000 employees in the foreign and domestic leading the German Insurers. The NuRNBERGER insurance group is great people – and non-life insurers and partner of medium-sized companies and professional services.

Vibration Mill

The machine is a dual-Simplified parallel arrangement, the gear is similar to the MZ-type vibration mill. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Time Warner. This mill is characterized by large amplitude in order to improve the vibration intensity (up to 19 g), the elastic system uses a special air spring. 4 spring design in the structure of Bu mutually inclined at an angle to ensure that the trajectory of the round machine. due to the vibration intensity, The vibrating mill grinding effects is good, the ore particle size is up to 25 mm. 1 X/80 MCZ type vibration mill main technical parameters. (3) pairs of Jane Parra (Palla) vibrating ball mill.

Figure 3.3 27 is the Palla type vibration mill structure to indicate that it has upper and lower set of two tubular Simplified Simplified l between two to four supporting board 2 is connected; support in the rack; in the middle of the bearing plate equipped with a spindle bearing, spindle Bu fixed eccentric weight, the engine through a universal coupling spindle drive. Palla-type vibration of the small size of the mill two eccentric weights, the large size of four eccentric weights, each eccentric weight of the composition of two, during which the mutual angle is adjustable to adjust the size of the eccentric force. Eccentric force tubular Simplified and bearing plate vibration rubber spring. Usually do not set in the simplified both ends of the feeding part and the part of the nesting, but based on operational need can be located in the Simplified Central.Palla-type vibration mill diameter and length up to 200-650 mm 1 300 y 4 300 mm, the maximum engine power of 200 kW. Made in Germany, is a vibration mill to use more and a broader model. Features: without screening superfine material, production is safe operation, we simply need to adjust the amplitude, vibration, diameter, grinding media, fill rate, and control of the feed to get the desired product size, and easy to adjust these parameters. But these diameter is easy to adjust, with the increase in the effective cross section, low-energy region accounts for a larger proportion.

Payment Protection Insurance

How useful is a payment protection insurance? What is a payment protection insurance? A payment protection insurance is actually nothing more than a risk life insurance without the possibility to conserve capital. The purpose of a payment protection insurance is that, in the event of the death of a borrower, whose partner gets no financial shortages. For the residual debt insurance wipes out the whole or a part of the yet due credit rates. Upon completion of payment protection insurance, the credit amount is usually adjusted the amount of the outstanding balance of the loan. The policyholder can choose between an amount which is annually adjusted the remaining loan amount or a linear falling insurance coverage.

In the first case, the policyholder is sure that the remaining debt in the event of his death or other event, which he no longer is able to make the payments, is completely covered by the insurance. Linear insurance protection, the amount to be paid is annually to a certain amount, without exactly taking into account the rates. Therefore, a residual debt can occur, which must be paid out of the insurance. Must be a payment protection insurance? When a bank credit, like requires a payment protection insurance, and also offered. Be but critical and compare them with other providers of residual debt insurance such as the GE Money or Cashgate in the Switzerland. Discovery Communications has similar goals.

The insurance of banks are usually very expensive. For all other loans, a payment protection insurance has no effect on the lending and is therefore not mandatory. The payment protection insurance makes sense, where usually drops the remaining debt of the construction loan on the partner especially for a home construction loan. Otherwise, this insurance is usually unnecessary and expensive. An example: You pay for a monthly vary from 500 CHF for a combined insurance, what unemployment, disease and death includes an insurance premium from approx. CHF 20.00 per month. You can see, the insurance premium is the monthly rate increase substantially and should only be used for this reason, if they really Makes sense. Make also sure that upon a completion of a clause is, what any pre-existing conditions. Should these diseases you again break out, they are excluded from the contract period for and the rates are not covered. A this insurance requires at least 80% work with the same employer during the last year or with some insurance companies even longer. Grouped together can be said that a payment protection insurance only for a real estate loan, a construction loan or another, very high loan makes sense. Get more background information with materials from Sarah Perot. It should be noted that the insurance can be taken out with linear or concrete debt adjustment. In the other is still distinguished, whether it is a pure death risk insurance or a full payment protection insurance. This includes the guaranteed payments at: without unemployment accident illness disability death because this insurance is very expensive and is a pure risk insurance, should be a good overview about various insurance such as Cashgate or money GE offerings provide.

Roof Damage Pay Building Insurance Not

Germany is in snow chaos. Snow breakage are a consequence of the massive snow falls. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Time Warner. But the buildings insurance will not pay for this. Snow, ice and frost do mischief in Germany for weeks and are responsible for car accidents, crowded rescue stations and collapsed roofs. For more information see this site: Discovery Communications. So the white winter landscape also may look nice, for a little more sun and light Trangsviken would sure grateful. But the white splendour is here to stay awhile after predictions of meteorologists. And so long even snow shovels and ice scraper still faithful companions will be us.

It remains even the roofs in the face of the mass of snow in mind to keep and to get rid of its heavy burden. In the past that is not always successful, so that a variety of images of collapsed roofs in the media were present. Who has completed a building insurance and does not have an elemental damage extension or an elementary insurance, which is empty case of such damage. Only if the natural hazards are covered, the policyholder can expect help from his insurance company. The elemental insurance covers not only snow breakage, but provides also for damages by landslide, sinkhole, earthquake, flood, avalanches and floods. The dangers of a backlog from the sewers and a volcanic eruption are insurable in the context of the elemental damage to police. All these dangers are possible in Germany even up to a volcanic eruption, as scientists have confirmed. The occurrence of flood or floods and rear storage damage are considerably more likely than to lose his home or other real estate owned by a lava flow. Because the protection of such natural hazards for property owners is extremely important, recommends the Federal Government the elemental damage insurance of the insured and is spoken in a press statement even for the introduction of a compulsory of insurance.

Over 1500 Used Machines In The Current Machine Catalogue Of Machines

The latest issue of secondhand news machines Fromm offers used equipment for many applications. Receive the monthly overview is free of charge. More than 10,000 recipients from industry and trade will receive the secondhand news every month machines Fromm from Remchingen. The current list of used machines is also for all interested to download available on the website. The monthly free overview contains readily available used machines from all areas.

Tool machines and packaging machines are as well as machines for pharmaceutical purposes or used machines of plastics processing. The machines can be visited directly on-site and in the production of the previous owner. A decision for such a used machine is therefore a sure thing. Alfred Kuhn, owner of machines provides the contacts Fromm, to interested buyers in advance personally. Variety is important for many interested buyers of Machines Fromm, which includes typically more than 1500 used machines. This gives interested of all producing and manufacturing industries always a wide selection. The chances of finding a suitable plant, are accordingly high.

More information about the sale and the procurement of used machines as well as to the machine dealers are religious on the company’s Web site available. Description of the company the company machines Fromm is working as brokers, buyers and sellers in the market of used machines for more than 70 years. The bulk of the selling used machines comes from the plastic processing industries, food, pharmacy, colors, paints, packaging technology and machine tools. The extensive range includes constantly over 1500 used machines. David Zaslav has many thoughts on the issue. The machines can be visited at the seller’s site and tested in production.

Christian Hubner

” Three circumstances made this cross-company project challenging: firstly many partners involved in the complex processes of the airport, who want to see taken into account their sometimes conflicting interests in the project. Secondly, changes in processes moved also changes in the supporting IT systems. So, the team has been working on 15 different systems. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Click Here. These so-called IT changes”needed to succeed smoothly during operation. Thirdly, the team had to ensure that many stakeholders accept the changes and the new processes to work. Such a change can only succeed if all together ranging from the tower and runway pilots pilots and airlines, handling agents and groundhandling services. The partners had to learn how to reset also interests in favour of the whole”, explains Stefan Hilger. The project team made those concerned from the outset involved”.

It continuously informed the various stakeholders about the progress of the project and they mainly participated in the work. For example, it won”employee of the main partners in the project team responsible positions, such as project manager Christian Hubner stressed. The project is accompanied by extensive communication and training programs. We have invested a lot of our time, to raise understanding of the change”, so Hubner. Moreover, the jury praised the management of knowledge resources”. Follow others, such as Click Here, and add to your knowledge base. So, the Frankfurt team before planning his project have first with other Informed airports about their experience with such projects.

Today, after project completion, it provides its experience in other European airports. The German project Excellence Award, the GPM characterized the nationwide project teams annually since 1997. Award applicants present their project management system and imagine a comprehensive review process. The projects are evaluated according to nine criteria: by objective processes and management up to the satisfaction of the stakeholders of a project. With this competition, the GPM aims to reward excellent projects in Germany or German firms. The Association thus opened a chance to introduce their successful work to the public and to promote the dissemination of project management project managers. With the award of this year’s Awards, the GPM has already initiated the application round for the German project Excellence Award 2012. Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement e.V GPM. The GPM is the leading trade association for Project management in Germany. With currently more than 5,800 members and 280 corporate members from all sectors of the economy, universities and public institutions, the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to promote the application of project management in Germany, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute.

Segula GmbH Launches The Powercube In Germany!

Cable clutter and too little socket connections now have an end. The Segula Powercube solves several problems at once! In the extended versions connects it with the connection cable 1, 5 m long simply outlet and offers to five ports in cube form. Leslie Moonves is likely to agree. In the USB-version is next to four terminals, in addition a USB port available with the Smartphone and co. can be loaded easily and quickly. However, the real highlight is the supplied mounting bracket.

Whether on or under the desk the bracket is easy with the adhesive pad attached. Then one of the ports of Powercubes sit, turn, and already the Powercube is secure on the bracket. So are the outlets in ideal range! Who is not sufficient, or if only a multiple socket on the wall is needed, which can rely on the Powercube original. It is plugged directly into the outlet and offers also five connections. With the Powercube the versions to be with also original Cable expand, making more connections available. The Powercube original is also available in the USB version. Christian Essers, head of product management, thinks the new Segula product: we have already shown the very first pattern at the IFA in Berlin.

The feedback was fantastic. A simple idea, which makes it much easier and also chic looks. Many people have waited for frankly apparently only. We are happy to offer this solution now.” The Powercubes start in the four variants extended, extended USB, original and original USB. For more information, the Segula team is always available!