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Capital Sofa

expression of the busy body and attempt to give to new significaes to a corporalidade impossvel' ' (ALVES, 2007 (), p.230). One ' ' return to juventude' ' , happy moment of Lester, takes it to buy it an old car, a Pontiac Firebird model 1970, desired when it was young to make walked with its neighbors gays and physical exercises daily in order to become ' ' sarado' ' seductive to the young friend of Jane and to come back to smoke marijuana that approaches it the boyfriend of Jane more than. ' ' … the relation of the man I obtain exactly only is real, objective, through its relation with the others homens' ' (P. 167).

While the man is captive to the Capital, its relation with the other is found odd, mentally ill and auto-alienator. It has a moment where Carolyn it arrives at the glad house, ' ' diferente' ' Lester if entusiasma for it, in a species of return to the love life. It plays itself on it in the sofa and says that they are alone: ' ' we only have the house all pra we two my Gods, Carolyn, how much time we make that you were so unhappy? What he had with the girl who dissimulated epilepsy attacks when she was entediada and she ran away for our first apartment and showed the seios for me? I not yet esqueci' '. But Lester held the bottle of beer and its moment of sensuality is broken by Carolyn: ' ' Lester, you go to spill beer in the sofa! ' ' Lester refutes: ' ' from there this is only a sofa there! ' ' Caroliyn: ' ' it is not only one sofa! It cost 4,000 dollars! It is a sofa of Italian silk! ' '.

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