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Construction Logical-mathematician

The Construction of the Thought Logical-Mathematician in the Infantile Education Prof Maringela Rieg Martins Carocci Institution Moura Lacerda of Ribeiro Preto. People such as Discovery Communications would likely agree. Access: 01/04/2011? 11:54 hours word-key: thought-logical, mathematics, construction ANALYTICAL SUMMARY According to author Maringela Rieg Martins Carocci, the construction it thought logical-mathematician in the Infantile Education initiates itself from ' ' pensar' ' on the experiences with objects and the lived deeply and tried situations. She is in the establishment of a simple relation that is not only in counting, but in its daily one, without being very imprisoned the contents, but in a numerical order that of course goes appearing. In the Infantile Education the mathematical slight knowledge are in the tricks, in the intelligent games and recreativos, in musics (with its varied rhythms), in the construction of simple rules, at last, everything that exists in the pertaining to school context must be used to advantage for the development logical-mathematician. The proposal of the author, who the professor is a mediator for the child in the direction to use to advantage what it brings obtains and develops them in mathematical situations logical, adaptando the contents to discipline and taking to construct them day-by-day to it these numerical knowledge in its, in the rules of the tricks.

Objective of the Work: To show of a simple and pleasant form the mathematical content, so that the child in the Infantile Education, has contact with the numbers she disciplines and it in itself, in the trick, that at all the moment the content logical-mathematician is present taking it the knowledge of world through accurate and concrete situations. Making with that the logical-mathematical operations, spontaneously take small a if to amuse. The author and Teacher Maringela R.M. Carocci, used of theoretical studies for the elaboration of its article, mainly ' ' Gnese of the number in criana' ' of Piaget (1975), BERTONI (2002), BIANCHINI (1997), FREITAS (2003), KAMII (1995), VERGNAUD (1996), VIGOTSKY (1988).

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