Promoting Democracy in Algeria


We must deeply know the markets, to put them at the service of our utopias. Ruben Rodriguez, abstract the dynamics of the current trade scenarios in many countries that make up this planet we called Earth has given way to be active consumerism, make an interest of study not only from the economic, cultural, sociological approach of this trend, but which specifically concerns us in this article its scope and impact on the function of markets, which cannot be ignored by those who are interested in everything related to marketing. At Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA you will find additional information. Keywords consumer, effects, needs, income, social sciences. Introduction the advance of technological development has given step that many companies manufacture, offer new products that has significantly affected the consumer’s behaviour, until the end, that this has entailed until consumerism and where the main actors such as consumers are involved, many of them until the end who have given way to treat of artificial needs, and to achieve this, this leads them to spend a good amount of money, seriously affecting its revenue and leading to that market researchers delve in a new approach to the consumer behavior in order to understand what must be the strategies that must be developed in order to understand this new behavior and where no doubt the neuromarketing provides knowledge that collaborate in predicting this new behavior. What gives us on the subject, Enrique Ortiz (monografia.com), which cannot be denied, that intercultural differences have been shortening their gap to the extent that the world becomes global and have marked new ways of being, in the field of study of human social behavior is very valid. The satisfaction of needs from the acquisition of products, reflected in the everyday reality of the various markets, new paradigms of consumption associated with multiple patterns of conduct that must be observed and carried to the plane of the debate.

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