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Cordless Headset Technology

Exclusive headset innovations from Leipzig. Leipzig, December 10, 2009 – as the exclusive provider of solutions in the field of headset protocol conversion the company provides the service and service centre GmbH for communication systems Leipzig as a specialist of headset solutions immediately a clear view inside the Protocol diversity of different headset technologies. Provider of modern phone Systemendgerate, like Alcatel, Avaya and Siemens, have an (existing) built-in head interface set for connecting any, the head set provider independent headset models. Further details can be found at doug collins, an internet resource. (Headset technology, such as Plantronics, Jabra, etc.) The protocols implemented to allow communication between the Systemendgerat and the individual used a headset. This enables a mutual control of the phone and the wireless headset solution. This fact customers of SDZ-GmbH in the past some very difficult, given that in recent years a large number of co-existing communication protocols between providers of Head set solutions and providers of Systemendgerate technology has developed. As a well-known representative of this category are the proprietary wireless head – and headset Protocol (DHSG), the additional equipment interface (AEI), the headset Hookswitch control (HHC) and the Microphone short Hook (MSH) for mention. A symptoms, which prevents a free choice of the headset and Systemendgerate technology, the lack of compatibility between the individual logs, arises in consequence of co-existing communication protocols.

The SDZ GmbH Leipzig has accepted for quite some time of this problem and created a product, is the bridge between the individual protocols. Thus, a complete interoperability between the headset logs is possible for the first time. Practical experience in the field of service and knowledge in the field of customer application were joined in the development of the protocol converter. To achieve the increased reliability, the operating software of the devices had to necessarily adapted to the individual telephone manufacturers be. So, error correction and automatic synchronization has been incorporated in all DHSG systems. By this new development, a subsequent integration into already existing head set solutions leads to an increased functional reliability. An external buttons connector (foot switch), which is implied in all devices, enables remote control of the phone and the wireless head set solution.

A special highlight is the multiple functionality of this button. With her control functions can occur during a phone call with a long KeyPress. This remote control was desired by the customer. Thus increases the effectiveness of PC workstations.

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