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Crystal Clear Water

The region of Labin-Rabac is known for its cultural heritage, unspoilt nature, hospitable hosts and their crystal clear water. Labin-Rabac located in the east of Istria and thus borders on the Kvarner Bay. said the old days, or better yet actually over the last few years, the region of Labin-Rabac was still an insider tip and found there were hardly any tourists. Today the area is one of the most popular destinations at all Directions. Labin-Rabac consists of two separate but not far away lying cities. One is the city of Labin and the other the town of Rabac. The town of Labin is situated above the town of Rabac. John Stankey has compatible beliefs. Labin Rabac is in contrast to the more ancient part of the region.

It is known as the Secret Culture of Istria, known for coming and also the most famous painters from this region. The many cultural Denkaler and the unique architecture, a walk through the city is to experience travel. So I created a very special town atmosphere. From the tower of the church bell tower, You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city below it Rabac. In part, one can even look to the island of Cres. Rabac other hand is less a cultural city as just Labin.

Rabac has beautiful sandy beaches which are perfect for swimming and make it one of the most popular beach resorts around the coast. The white sandy beaches, the vegetation and the crystal clear water to the city the name "Pearl of the Kvarner Bay. In summary, Labin-Rabac is interesting for those who want to learn to love the culture and one and one for those who wish to spend their vacation on the beach. Holger Lentz

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