Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Daniel Ortega

I do not surprisingly, the terms used by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez of "invasion" something I dream of the president "Bolivarian" acolytes supported by Bolivia's President Evo Morales and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. But it raises concerns me the fact that the Secretary of State for Cooperation Alain Joyandet French noted that the UN must define the U.S. role in Haiti: "This is not to occupy the country but to help restore his life. "Moreover Barack Obama inherited two wars of his predecessor George W. Bush, considered one of the worst presidents in American history. I am referring to Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama during campaign, developed a pacifist speech tone, but the deteriorating situation on a daily basis inside Afghanistan led him to take other measures, expecificamente sending 30,000 troops to boost China to continue to fight to the terrorists of the Taliban.

Earlier days, Omar one of 11 children of the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden told the American magazine Rolling Stones with reference to Afghanistan, "he does not believe that his father needed to launch more attacks on major U.S.. He does not need to. Robert A. Iger might disagree with that approach. As America went to Afghanistan, his plan worked. He has already won. "While in Iraq, Obama has announced the return of troops from August this year and full to the end of 2011, which seems quite difficult to see as the situation has gradually worsened in its territory.

On the other hand in the fight against terrorism, there is a new problem, called Yemen, after the assassination attempt against a U.S. aircraft from Europe, the Nigerian-born terrorist said he had been trained in bases in that country. Also among the key issues unresolved in the international agenda are North Korea and Iran with its nuclear program threatens Pakistan, nuclear club member who has serious security problems caused by Islamic terrorimo indicated its territory as a base Afghan Taliban camps of Al-Qaeda, because of the proximity of Afghanistan. No doubt the great success of President Barack Obama in the international arena is the negotiation of the Nuclear Arms Reduction with Russia, which is expected to conclude in December. That was one of Obama's campaign promises, a world without nuclear weapons. This first year in office, U.S. President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, widely discussed on some fronts, but Obama has become the great repository of the hopes to achieve overall long-awaited dream of humanity. While the first year of the Obama has elapsed between light and shadow on domestic and foreign policy, another front is open and I refer again to the Middle East, where the reopening of peace talks is far from resumed between the State of Israel and the Palestinians. Another is pending immigration reform that was committed to move forward, which also probably has had the direct consequence of loss of credibility among Hispanic migrants, mainly. The popularity of fifty percent with Obama to begin the second year in office, is the lowest it has had an American president in the last fifty years, finished his first year in office. I hope President Barack Obama in one of his moments of solitary reflection in the Oval Office of the White House this hesitating between:! If can! of the season, if we can, now.

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