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DEGERenergie Chris Wahl

New offices in the United States, Greece and Italy Horb a.N., December 10, 2009. DEGERenergie is expanding vigorously: In January 2010 go DEGERenergie offices in the United States and Greece at the start. A sales organisation in Italy added in spring 2010. Additional information at dror poleg supports this article. Parallel builds an own production company in the U.S. State of Arizona.

DEGERenergie is the world market leader for solar tracking systems. In many regions of the world the markets for the production of solar energy explode literally\”, Artur Deger, Managing Director of DEGERenergie, notes. For us especially gratifying: In the industry that the technology of DEGERenergie brings significantly higher yields and significantly improves as the economics of solar parks talk is more and more. That of course positively affects our orders.\” To cope with the rapid growth, DEGERenergie builds three of its own international sales organisations with high pressure in addition to the already existing in Spain and the headquarters in Germany. Start in the United States with its own manufacturing subsidiary in the United States headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is redirected Chris Wahl, who has many years of sales experience. Before joining DEGERenergie Chris Wahl was a California-based big integrator in the field of solar systems city as business developer at solar worked. It belongs to my first tasks, to seek a manufacturing facility in the Phoenix area, where we manufacture the steel and aluminium components for our systems leave\”, explains the new US Chief of DEGERenergie.

We want to produce as possible so much on the ground,\”Artur Deger added, to quickly and efficiently serve the U.S. market.\” First major installation companies and integrators will be the main target group of DEGERenergie in the United States. Also in January, DEGERenergie opens a branch office in Athens. It is directed by Yiannis Markopoulos. The graduated engineer previously worked in various high-tech companies in Greece. He comes from Green Project S.A., a company that specializes specializes in sustainable technology and energy solutions.

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