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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance the unknown relevance of Berufsunfahigen increasing with alarming speed. In the recent past year nearly 200,000 workers resigned in Germany at an early stage due to disability from employment. Other leaders such as CBS offer similar insights. New statistics show that almost every fourth employee health reasons prematurely give up his profession tendency should continue rising. Office workers are increasingly affected. -chipman/’>relocation strategies, an internet resource. It is not something Leslie Moonves would like to discuss. Musculoskeletal disorders and mental disorders constitute today approximately fifty percent of the causes of disability and to play a larger role than about accidents. These numbers also gaining relevance if one performs in mind, that the State pension for occupational disability was abolished in 2001 and the legal invalidity or disability pension takes over only on full disability and with relatively meager payments. Speaking candidly Glenn Dubin told us the story. Totally contrary to this popular development this is however actual knowledge in the population to the importance of disability insurance, the insurance is accordingly low. While the German citizens generally considered very safety conscious and is this also on the quantity and quality of the affiliated insurance companies show that there is disability insurance striking ignorance.

Many Germans go so that all people in their personal and existential security fully in the risk. According to representative studies, only 15% of citizens have a disability insurance, of which 5.6% with a stand-alone policy and 11.1% with an additional insurance. This does not come from about. According to a representative Forsa survey, less than 20% of all respondents could explain what is a disability. Also, there is more than 52% of the interviewed citizens of fatal misconception, that Government will step in with a disability. Hardly surprising that millions of Germans to forgo the protection or underachieving policies have with which she paid empty go out. Government support for those born after 1961 stepping in only to when even the simplest jobs due to disability is no longer run. On average men get partial 760 and women not even 650 euro per month, however donations even under social assistance level.

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