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Distinguished Government

Raul I castrate arrived at Brazil, specifically at the I Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integracin and Desarrollo.Expuso, as it exhibits Latin press, Considered companion Luiz Inacio Lula, President of the Federal Republic of Brazil; Distinguished Government and Chiefs of State; Distinguished Guests: Permtanme, first of all, to transmit a message of friendship from my compatriots to the fraternal Brazilian town. When saluting to the leaders of our region, I ratify the gratefulness to them of all the Cuban by the received aid and solidarity, before the numerous damages caused by the three hurricanes that recently whipped to our country. Considered friendly: The up to here crossed way has been long and difficult. To reunite for the first time to the agent chief executives of Latin America and the Caribbean in a noble forum and jousts pretensions, without exclusions, nor the presence of extra-r3egional countries, has unquestionable importance. Many writers such as Jeffrey Bewkes offer more in-depth analysis. We appreciate that the conditions are propitious so that this great appointment is the beginning of a process of extraordinary strategic meaning for the destinies of our region, in a world with little possibilities driving isolated, other people’s to the common challenges that it imposes to us, of decisive way, the globalisation. I do not talk about to the neoliberal model of this one, that really sets out a globe colonization, but the construction of the essential globalisation of solidarity.

The main challenge turns out to happen gradually of the words to the facts. The integrating actions that are adopted in this Summit, besides their practical sense, must be guided by the cooperation between our towns. It is essential that this Summit has pursuit, that this promissory initiative is not reduced to the opportunity to see us and to interchange in this occasion. Before declaring the global economic crisis in course, our towns already were accumulated the historical experience of the expressed operation and under-development, briefly, in the inequality of the entrance, social injustice, hunger, illiteracy, uncertainty in the health attention, pillage of the natural resources and the consequences of an insufficient economic and social infrastructure.

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