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However, many collective bargaining agreements in Germany guarantee a higher number of vacation days so experts assume an average entitlement of six weeks. A look at the Eurofound study (2009) the Organization of Eurofound managed holidays in Europe-wide comparison, to work out the main differences for several EU States and to provide starting points for the analysis of European working conditions (as of 2009). Leader of the statistics are 30 vacation days, Germany and Denmark. Two holidays are available in Italy. Behind the Netherlands with 25.6 vacation days, as well as the Czech follow Republic, Austria, France, Finland and Norway with 25 vacation days. Offer more than the 20 days required by the European Union the United Kingdom (24.8), Ireland (24), Greece (23), Portugal (22) and Spain (22). Randall Mays has compatible beliefs. Cyprus and Estonia, where on average only 20 days available are considered holiday loser”. We include holidays the law into consideration, are averaging 40.5 days available in Germany. “Thus the Federal Republic surpasses the neighbouring country Denmark with only” 40 free days. Italy and Austria follow with 39 or 37 days on 3rd and 4. The Eurofound study has compared but also the statutory leave entitlement. Offers the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 28 days of legal holiday workers, then continues with this value clearly at the top. A total of five EU Member States follow with a statutory holiday entitlement of 25 days. Thus Sweden, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and Austria more places before Germany show. In the Federal Republic it adheres to the EU demand 20 days, what so handled, for example, in Finland, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands. With a view of the United States, where employee for Annual leave information of the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft enjoy only two to three weeks can be estimated the Europeans happy. Envious are not uncommon however, what has been shown once again the current discussion on the reduction of the annual leave in Germany. Those who are interested in the inner differences of working time and leave entitlement, finds further information at the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft. Contact: Urlaubsreise24.de Robert Richter E-Mail: Web:

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