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Gavese System

In this game we will help other people to help other persons invited by us us contributing to our economic tranquility. Following this associative basic principle of unity and support, we must understand our shopping in the stores affiliated with Gavese are those who move throughout the system and are those that contribute to the well-being of those who invited us. In Gavese no we are going to ask for monthly contributions or extraordinary fees, margin that leaves the buying process, the Gavemercados and Gavetiendas, they provide for you, for the support of the Association and your well-being. Similarly, when our guests buy, they bring to our economic well-being. We must be clear that among more people we invite more benefits we will obtain for our lives. Success is to achieve that our guests buy the first weeks in the Gevemercados, Gavetiendas and stores affiliated with the system, to change their buying habits where do today, is the most difficult part, you have to be very aware of them so that they do, until they see earnings, falling in love, the system and the Association.

To achieve total transparency, the Association has a system that allows you to see in real time the movement of our accounts by internet. When we take the decision of belong to this Association of buyers, we must know that we will be contributing a bit to our main objective which is to end hunger in Colombia, we know many will have more than that, some people, they can get with this system your car and your home if they so wish and make their efforts to buy and help with professionalism, here we pay for purchasing. We spent years contributing to our system of health, pensions, housing and at the end we are left with nothing, this system allows you to immediately enjoy the benefits by contributions yours and those of your referrals.

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