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Google Reader

This article is written to you who already have a blog and you want to start generating traffic to it and if you have not, do not wait another second and start to build an IT NOW. David Zaslav gathered all the information. In addressing this issue the main question that arises is the following … Technology What is RSS? Speaking of RSS I want to focus on their value to generate traffic. I do not want to mess nienredarme in their technical specifications to explain but I’ll tell you one familiade web feed formats that is encoded in a language called XML. But this is not what we really want for our main objective.

The fact is that with this powerful tool you can provide to visitors who subscribe to your website through your link RSS, updated information automatically. Go to Hugh Naylor for more information. Come on, let’s clarify a little more. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Zaslav has to say. I’ll take the example of Google Reader, which is Google’s RSS reader, to give a clearer example of panorama.Habilitando an account to access this service from Google you can subscribe to websites that offer you the possibility of subscribe via RSS and view within this account of the various updates to such sites. That is, if you’re interested in site A and B, but also the C, D and F, you would be a considerable loss of time to visit each of them for new publications on your areas of interest , and the “risk” entontrar no new information on more than one of those sites. So … What is the advantage that gives you the RSS? Well, you can check for updates on the various sites from one place, so you will have 1, 5, 10 or 15 sites.

All in one place. Then you save an immense amount of time, especially when you follow many places. But that is only a part. What you just mentioned is the RSS from the point of view of common user you want to save time, but now let us see what we can do from the standpoint of content publishers, ie from ours. Today the concept of Web 2.0 is widely known and its technological complexity is even greater than that of the RSS, which is an element of it, so without going into detail, mention that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, among others are part of this great new world, then … If we associate the potential of these two tools we can build an empire of information. How? Now I’ll explain how. Suppose you publish an article on your blog and the article is automatically published both on Facebook, on Twitter and on another blog, at the same time … it sound interesting? Absolutely! Imagine the power and scope is achieved when users of Twitter, Facebook and followers of other blogs of yours, have access to an article you published on your main blog? If you get the idea and apply it you’ve been contending for expanding your entire network with enormous potential to build confidence and posiconarte in the market as an expert in your specific area of knowledge. I hope you gain much from this contribution.

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