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Guide To Understand Vegetarianism

Today the vegetarianism is a custom increasingly extended. I am sure that if we think each one of us leaves us an acquaintance/friend who is vegetarian. Before was very strange to see that in Spain but now is this spreading. If you make 10 or 15 years someone said that it was vegetarian he was seen to a weird dog and today, although slowly, this habit of this changing. First say that being vegetarian is not just a diet, as the Association diet, it is a lifestyle that increasingly more embraced by more people around the world.

There are people being declared vegetarian because they seek a healthier lifestyle and others do it for ethical reasons to not agree with the use and abuse that makes human beings from animals, forms of slaughter in abattoirs, etc. Last of all are those who are vegetarian for religious reasons. This is very common in many parts of the India. the issue. Here’s a ranking of vegetarian groups more important, since there are more strict or less strict. Depending on whether consume foods of animal origin or are not they are the most important classifications: veganism. Does not consume any food of animal origin.

That means not eating egg or dairy products nor. People who follow this trend also apply to the rest of your life, not to wear animal skins, use ecological shoes, etc. Ovo lacto vegetarianism. They are those vegetarians than if consumed eggs and milk. Lacto vegetarianism. People vegetarian than if that consume milk. Ovo vegetarianism: is the current which brings together vegetarians who eat eggs only. The vegetarian diet, as Association, diet does allow carbohydrates and sweets. Vegetables can be cooked in various ways such as cooking or frying. Vegetarians get proteins with vegetables and tofu. On the contrary that diet decoupled menu there are obviously prohibited foods. It is usually looking at vegetarian as a person that essential nutrients missing to live and that is completely wrong. These people tend to eat much healthier than normal since they take the nutrients they need various plants and seeds that nature offers us.

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