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History The city of San Bernardino, California, occupies much of the San Bernardino Valley, Indian tribes that originally referred to as “The Valley of the cupped hand of God.” Seeing the vast Arrowhead geological monument on the side of the San Bernardino Mountains, they found the giver of life of hot and cold water, which comes to the rock formation said. The city of San Bernardino is one of the oldest communities in the State of California. The name of Bernardino of Siena on 20 May 1810, San Bernardino, in its current location was not largely settled until 1851 when California entered the Union. The first Anglo-American colony was established by pioneers related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, later recalled in 1857 by Brigham Young to Utah because of the war. During the intermission, the city was officially incorporated in 1857. Soon afterward, San Bernardino, became an important commercial center in southern California.According to Native American legend about the historic Arrowhead, an arrow from heaven burned the training in the mountainside in order to show tribes where they could be cured. During the mid-19th century, “Dr.” Noble David Smith said that a saint as he appeared before him and told him of a distant land with the exceptional climate and curative waters, marked by a giant arrow. Smith in his quest arrow only training that began in Texas, and eventually ended at Arrowhead Springs in California in 1857. In 1889, the words of the quays, along with the hotel on the site (and the belief in the effect of water from the springs of health in general) has grown considerably. Hotel guests often raved about the clear water of the cold springs, prompting Seth Marshall to set up a bottling operation in the basement of the hotel. In 1905, water from the cold springs is sent to Los Angeles under the newly created “Arrowhead” brand.The indigenous peoples of San Bernardino Valley and mountains were collectively identified by Spanish explorers in the 19th century as Serrano, a term meaning Highlander. Serrano, who live near what is now Big Bear Lake Yuhaviatam were called, or “People of the Pines”. In 1866, clearing the way for settlers and gold miners, the state conducted a 32-day military campaign of slaughter of men, women and children. Yuhaviatam leader Manuel Santos led his people from their ancient homeland to a people in the San Bernardino site walk. The U.S. government established in 1891 as a reservation and tribal, the name of Santos, after Manuel. The California Southern Railroad established through San Bernardino, a rail link between Los Angeles and the rest of the nation in 1883. In 1905, the city of San Bernardino passed its first Charter. World War II what would become Norton Air Force Base.McDonald Brothers founded the McDonald’s brand, along with its innovative restaurant concept in 1948. In 1980, the Panorama Fire destroyed 284 homes. And in 1994, Air Force Base closed Norton to become the San Bernardino International Airport.

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