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Hotmail was released in July 1996 and has gone through several name changes since its inception. Up to a point (the current owner of Hotmail) Microsoft had decided to abandon the Hotmail brand, but common sense prevailed.Hotmail is now known as Windows Live Hotmail. Tim Raines has much to offer in this field. athered all the information. In this article we will you examine the Hotmail login page and how can access Hotmail log on and view your emails stored in the online account. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Login page from Hotmail to load the Hotmail Inbox page, opens a browser window and type, mail.live.com or home.live.com any of these three links work and show you a page similar to the one below. Keep in mind that things are changing on the internet.

If the page you see in your browser is different from the image below, there is no need to worry, simply trying to locate specific sections with common sense. By the way, if there is a drastic change in the layout of the page, really Please inform us through the form of comments at the bottom of this article. The form for the entrance to your Hotmail account is located in the section to the right. Simply enter your access details your ID deWindows Live and password and press the OK button. I do not see the Hotmail entry fields! Once you get to enter successfully into your account, depending on the configuration of Hotmail are going to see, or from MSN Today page or page with the Hotmail Inbox.

The MSN Today page is a splash screen with links and images of the latest news and if it is not something that draws attention to you then you can close permanent and jump directly to the Inbox. Folders that have new unread messages will be in bold with the number of unread messages between brackets next to the name of the folder. In the Inbox, the latest e-mail messages will be displayed at the top. If not some message that you expect to see in your Inbox remember search in mail folder garbage since he could be sent to that folder by Hotmail filters. Hotmail filters often receive legitimate emails and mark them as spam.

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