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The MuNCHENER VEREIN insurance group received the seal of approval of b-tix GmbH for compliance with BiPRO standards. Dusseldorf, December 13, 2010 MuNCHENER VEREIN insurance group in future standardized processes according to BiPRO standard offers. Sales and partners can then calculate technical BiPRO interfaces the most important life and health insurance products directly from the insurer and request PDF supply suggestions in real time. MuNCHENER VEREIN insurance group receives b-tix seal of approval In the context of an audit of b-tix GmbH specialised in BiPRO standards experts tested the interfaces of the nationwide active insurer. This was to the security token service (standard 410) and the processes of pricing, supply and application in the fields of life (standard 422) and health (standard 424). Click Dave Kingman to learn more. On the basis of an optimization process, the conformity has been confirmed in a detailed opinion.

Was based on extensive interviews, testing in the individual system environment of the Insurer and the review of program code. Checking article sources yields Altamont Capital as a relevant resource throughout. At the end of the b-tix seal of approval with certificate was awarded the Munich Club. Conformance testing improves quality and BiPRO standards are facilitating partner link very diverse and complex. Already a little carelessness it can cause a deviation from the norm”, says Markus Heussen, Managing Director of b-tix GmbH and co-founder of BiPRO initiative. As a result, difficulties in the integration of partners are cannot be ruled out. We want to offer a good quality of our sales and cooperation partners.

That’s why we hired a neutral company, to check our work”, says Ingo Buschmann, head of broker sales of MuNCHENER VEREIN insurance group. From our point of view, the b-tix GmbH is currently the only company that can perform such a conformity test and awards a seal of approval for this. Testing guaranteed us although no defects, revealed but an early standard deviations. That has given us helped to ensure the quality of our interfaces”, adds Sten Reuter, head of request and process management and responsible for the implementation of BiPRO. Quality is important competition factor with the spread of BiPRO interfaces is becoming increasingly important to the quality of the implementation. Deviations from the norm reveal itself especially if several companies communicate with each other. An independent quality label can help reduce discussions about the conformity of the proprietary interface and facilitate cooperation. More and more companies therefore undergo a compliance audit or an audit plan. In the second quarter of 2010 had already the inubit AG and the IDEAL life insurance a. G. check successfully both with seat in Berlin settle and get a seal of quality.

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