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Kaspersky AntiVirus

A brief review of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Today the market is filled with all sorts of software products from different manufacturers. One of the most useful free programs will Vit Registry Fix Free Edition, which you can download directly now and absolutely besplatno.No speech today will not go about it, as you noticed. Let's start. Independently of this list is Kaspersky Labs and their new product KIS 2010.

Anti-extras – that's what makes this product truly universal solution. To begin with, that KIS 2010 was not so demanding of computer resources: CPU: 300MhZ (Win XP) or 800MhZ (Win Vista); RAM: 256 MB (Win XP) or 512 MB (Win Vista); hard disk space : 300 Mb. In the ammunition of the product Present: File, Mail Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus (protection of web traffic), IM-antivirus (IM traffic protection, such as the ISQ, MSN, etc.), monitoring programs (monitored the behavior of all applications installed on a PC), firewall (monitoring network activity programs) Proactive protection (designed to calculate the unknown threats based on the behavior of programs installed on your PC), protection against network attacks, anti-spam, anti-banner, if you want you can enable parental control. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City gathered all the information. And with the help of this program-SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2009, you can test the software on your computer. In KIS 2010 also features some very interesting things: Game profiles (especially for computer games – allows you to disable certain features of the product, and removes the notification of events during the transition to full-screen mode), the elimination of traces of activity (after work session you can completely remove the information about their activities on a PC), keyboard (protects information from keyloggers). In general, KIS 2010 meets almost all requirements demanding Users and optimally suitable for both home use and to protect small organizations. It resembles a cure for all diseases – drank, and no problems! The website and other useful programs For example, a program to encrypt the USB drive and the hard drive of your computer. The product is sold kits for two to five PCs or PC. The price for the package to 2 PCs can vary, but start at 1,400 rubles.

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