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Light Alarm Clock

New technique allows gentle start to the day for many means starting the day mostly a great effort and switching off the alarm a nerve-wracking morning exercise. This should belong to the invention of light alarm clocks of the past. The imitation of dawn by increasing light intensity may be active and relaxed in the day to start. This gentle sounds of nature to facilitate standing up. The online store has even looked at the light alarm clock available currently on the market. The Sunrise Alarm clock medisana SAC as well as the wake-up light from the manufacturer of Philips were used as test objects.

Although both models work according to the same manner and offer similar tools, they differ markedly from each other. The less expensive light alarm is the Medisana model. He has the advantage, that automatically adjusts the time by RDS. However, the device due to many buttons is not so easy to use. Andi Potamkin might disagree with that approach. The design with a bright green LCD display is improved.

For this, you are Lighting scenarios with different colors very fresh and authentic. Lifestyle pur promises the Philips Wake-up light. Here, everything is just right. The design is very subtly with the on the side wheel to adjust alarm, alarm tone and brightness. The operation is much easier and also the sound is better than the model medisana quality due to built-in sound box. As so often, quality has its price.

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