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The retail sector protects its seller which is done via the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, so through breathe normal transmission of influenza viruses, sneeze or cough. Because people frequently touch on her face, the droplet onto the hands and go from there on items or directly by touching other people on their body. A person so has more contact with other people (E.g. seller in the supermarket), higher is the risk of infection. Initially even simple hygiene rules sufficient to prevent such as regular hand washing. Daily business does not allow but often time these hygiene rules, because customers want to be served. The industrial special products to protect of the hands offers such as for example, antibacterial hand cleansing gel without water applied can be, fully effective against the H1N1 virus and are dermatologically tested.

Bernd Zimmermann, Managing Director of sales and marketing at CCM GmbH in Overath, a Manufacturer of such products: in the past few weeks, we get a very strong demand for these products from home and abroad. Large companies take measures now obviously, to protect your employees.” The timing is right, because the influenza viruses at colder temperatures are far more viable than in summer heat. At temperatures of around 20 C, dried viruses can survive on surfaces normally two to eight hours. At a temperature of 0 C more than 30 days and the ice they are almost over life without restriction. For more information,

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