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Moisture Eliminators

Dehumidifiers are specially designed devices to give an immediate, quick and efficient solution to all the problems caused by excess moisture, without the need of installation in the case of small home appliances, and minimum expenditures for installation and maintenance in industrial equipments and of greater capacity, explains Ana Maria Cervantes, President of Hanseata, a company specialist in devices for humidification and dehumidification of the air. These devices, able to ensure that heat is not so sticky in summer, work according to the principle of condensation. The humid air is sucked in by the fan and is passed through the evaporator coil, where it is cooled below its dewpoint temperature. In this way, the moisture contained in the air condenses into water and it is collected in the condensation tray where is evacuated to a drain pipe, explains Joseph Joan Berenguer company Taurus, who adds that the cold, dry air passes to through the condenser battery where is heated and sent back to the enclosure. Dehumidifiers often are presented as the only option that helps prevent serious problems of habitability and bad use of spaces due to a high percentage of humidity in the air. Even solve domestic problems, for example, in Galicia and other wetlands are used for drying clothes more cheaply, detailing Ricard Esquirol, director of Daewoo products. In summer avoid that moisture be installed in homes and in winter, in houses where heat, condenses prevents forming annoying leaks that can, even cause important damage at home. Check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for additional information.

However, its advantages go beyond: in houses, business premises and industries these teams not only extract excess moisture but also allow to maintain the percentage of humidity automatically, controlled and constant, says Ana Maria Cervantes and extending the scope sanitary. This last is due to that maintained the percentage of advisable humidity for health and human comfort, avoiding future diseases and bone ailments, consequence of a constantly moist environment. For allergy sufferers are some major allies, explains Dr. r. Lleonart, Secretary of the foundation of the SEAIC, Spanish society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. The mites to develop optimally, need a temperature of 25 C and a humidity of 85%. In areas of higher humidity, a dehumidifier can markedly reduce the growth of dust mites and fungi, when he used constantly and in closed places, details. In this sense, there is that take into account suitable for comfort and health percentage of relative humidity is between 45% and 55% either summer or winter. The ideal is to get always, whether or not heating or air conditioning, that percentage stays ensures Ana Maria Cervantes. In addition, maintaining these levels are it inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria and consequent bad smells deriving from them; avoiding abnormalities and damage to electronic and mechanical equipment, such as corrosion; They prevent the deterioration of decorative items such as curtains or carpets, paintings, scrolls; they reduce the ailments of the respiratory tract; They help prevent health problems such as painful joints or excessive sweating, e, even, to prevent the deterioration of organic substances such as foodstuffs. Original author and source of the article.

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