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New Training Course Infrared Thermography Education In Barcelona

It is applicable to many fields of activity, such as architecture, building and construction, photovoltaics, electrical, air conditioning and refrigerators, among others. Course Objectives The key objectives of this course are to acquire knowledge of infrared thermography, applications, practices, thermographic cameras, measurement techniques, parameters to be considered for the purchase of a thermographic equipment and management software to perform reports. The course takes place over two days, with a theoretical and practical. In the practical demonstrations and examples are carried out by two teams of different resolutions (640 480 160 120 pixels) so that students can handle different thermographic equipment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Anthony Joseph Scirica. The software shown in the course are from different manufacturers pioneers in this field (Fluke, HT, Testo, Flir, etc.) So you can compare before buying a thermographic equipment.

It is therefore, a sample general while specifically how to apply the basics of thermography in different sectors. A specialty necessary to open many avenues of action for the present and immediate future. Who is it for? The course is aimed at all professionals working in one of the areas of application of thermography and want to know or to broaden the basis and techniques for the application of thermography to their daily work.

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