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ORAS Network

(Corporate intranet) social networks over the course of the development of all network-related components of a critical examination were subjected and develops from the resulting experiences new, sustainable solutions. ORAS (object referencing and addressing system) as a new organizational and management system is the core for the new concept of network, regardless of the current DNS system. The ORAS system overcomes all existing boundaries. It makes the xeNet a supercomputer”with unlimited data storage. The xeNet consists of clusters with different task distribution, form the basic structure of four categories: running computer processes data cluster data store-building process cluster administrative cluster databases of the newly developed xeNetCommander as a user frontend is a uniform network access software for all users. This simplifies the Netzugang and the user navigates in his usual and consistent environment. The xeNetCommander is completely applikationsgestutzt and networked all related and integrated participants, services and sources of information.

By the used.NET development platform is the xeNetCommander unlimited scalable, fully Internet capable, future-proof and dynamically extensible. The strict separation of network management, data transfer, databases, process logic and visualization for various devices allows a limitless mobility and independence from operating systems and interfaces. The Java-based Prozessengine is the intelligent core data processing. In the xeNet there is no firmly structured applications, but a modular library system, from which on demand of the application servers the respective modules are requested and performed. The modules are managed centrally by ORAS and made available to the application servers. The modular figure of complex applications reduces the application development time significantly and reduces development and adjustment costs in the company.

This is the integrated search engine Window to the outside. Object-oriented data storage, allow the creation of topic-oriented information channels. The search engine is integrated into the process management, so that a timely updating of data can be achieved. New covered security concepts offer no open areas of attack, because the network is not transparent to the outside, thus also sensitive applications can be integrated. The xeNet is the trend-setting solution model, with its holistic and sustainable technology approach, digitized information and knowledge-based society, to provide a platform of global, which meets current and future requirements. Press contact: xebax GmbH Mr. Hans Jurgen Fuchs Mohrunger Allee 5A 14055 Berlin Tel 030.614 60 030.3009 fax 93 07 E-Mail: Web: about xebax GmbH: xebax GmbH is a specialist for new network and software technology…

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