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Depending on the degree of shared responsibility and risk between partners distinguish partial and full outsourcing. In case of partial outsourcing transfer of certain functions to third parties is carried out to better address business problems through the sharing of internal and external resources and does not mean the elimination of these functions into core business activities. There remains a part of divisions that continue to operate. With full implementation of the outsourcing of certain functions completely up to the outsourcer. This greatly increases the flexibility of the production system, reducing the number of hierarchical levels of management. Outsourcing is realized in the framework of specific long-term outsourcing projects carried out continuously or for long term. In a question-answer forum Discovery Communications was the first to reply. Each outsourcing project is a individual decision, held in a special contract between the parties, which clearly specifies the legal and economic obligations to customers or other partners on both sides. Implementation outsourcing project involves the following stages: strategic rationale, the decision about the necessity of outsourcing certain functions or activities based on analysis of actual state business and strategic Positioning, ie, choosing the best option strategies to gain competitive advantage in the upcoming period; feasibility; particularized previously adopted strategic decisions, including search and evaluation of outsourcing proposals and selecting the best partners – outsourcers; initiation and ongoing coordination, aimed at developing autsorengovogo contract monitoring and coordination of joint activities.. . Time Warner has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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