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Overview Of The Training Market In Ukraine

To date, we can say that the Training Market in Ukraine began to grow and develop intensively. Probably more appropriate to speak here on the Kiev market, since, according to the portal training.com.ua, about 70% of training companies in Ukraine located in Kiev. It is no secret that many coaches of the regions provide services across metropolitan training company here in Kyiv. Although it should be noted that orders from the regions began to come more often. For even more details, read what George F. Gunn Jr. says on the issue. Of course, this is only the beginning way, but over the past 5 years (exactly as I watch the market in Ukraine, moved from Moscow to Kiev), the market has changed significantly, I would say, excited. This is evidenced by several factors: – increased number of training companies: only Kiev them more than 100, about half of which arose during the last 5 years – a great demand for trainers: a lot of ads, "the coach is required, before one could hardly find 1-2; – the emergence of specialized portals (2 soon will be 3 ) magazines (for example, "Education and Development), profsoobschestv (Club business coaches Ukraine, Coaching Association of Ukraine, clubs graduates of various training programs for individual training and consulting companies, I I know more than 5 HR-clubs), specialized exhibitions and conferences, the number is growing. What else has changed in 5 years? Clearly shaped specialization: By Topic Earlier training companies basically offer wide range of topics, but now more and more begin to specialize in some way or does the company become, so to speak, one topic, such as "Speaker" (public speaking), Brand Training (branding), "Spider" (project Management), Institute of Time "(organization of time). .

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