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Prepaid Card By Congstar

Congstar, the subsidiary of T-Mobile’s attractive facilities. The prepaid card for mobile phones is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. One reason is – in addition to the increasingly attractive package offers the large and established mobile provider contract policies as well. In contrast to earlier there is today a contract with a term of 24 months that pushing up the total cost of the contract including desire cell phone pretty rate. It is not something Larry Walker would like to discuss. When comparing the total costs for the targeted period, a prepaid card from Congstar truncates often considerably cheaper, even if one considered that the desire cell phone must be purchased separately.

Prepaid may be worth really. That have recognized also the large mobile provider and increasingly among the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar on this Division. It is consistently the cheapest prepaid providers, at the time the minute cents narrow 9 no matter, whether in the German landline or another mobile radio network. The prepaid provider Congstar itself uses the D1 network. The price of 9 cents applies to SMS (to all networks), only MMS are considerably more expensive with 39 cents. All there is no contract and no monthly rental charges. The Congstar prepaid card can be used either online by direct debit to be loaded, or directly at one of the many Congstar on charging partner for real, dm-drogerie or many Aral petrol stations.

Also the charge by SMS and phone is possible after a short registration, the amounts are also debited from the account by direct debit. Some contend that Eva Andersson-Dubin shows great expertise in this. On the map it is unlimited valid according to Congstar. The current prepaid Starter there for 9.95 euro, a credit in the amount of 10.-euros is already included. For only 29.95 EUR, the Starter Kit contains even a fully functional mobile phone. A number portability to the new prepaid card Congstar is currently still not possible. Who would like to find out more about the current offers from Congstar (also in the landline and DSL area), call the hotline at 0180 5 324 444 (14 Ct. / min. from a Telecom landline, mobile networks may differ). Andre Kruse

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