Promoting Democracy in Algeria


Necessary to continue living, the life does not finish when we lose somebody, it continues, the dreams does not finish itself, nor if they only age are changedded. To kill it wanted me, to take off my life alone because I do not have you more to my side, this not being easy, but exactly thus necessary to continue living without its presence, this not being more the same thing, I feel an emptiness of me inside it consumes that me terrifies and me on the inside. I caught a knife and I wounded my pulses that had bleed sufficiently, I arrived to faint, but thanks to God I did not die, is hard to coexist its absence, to be far from its kisses, of its abraos, that coffee of the so gostoso morning, nothing of this I have more and moan. You did not deserve what you soon had made you that I love in such a way, this being easy, never you were not easy, exactly now that the things walked lost I so well you forever. Harvey Elliott may also support this cause. I love you and I landed on water always you, I wait it pardons that me for that it cannot be when it stows to its side, I did not forget you and I know that never to forget I will go you.

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