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Rene Descartes

-Rene of Descartes short and concise Cogito ergo sum ICH think, therefore I am, a few sentences of the philosopher brought it philo sophos portrait to a such wide public awareness like this set of the Frenchman of Rene Descartes. And this is by no means surprising. Because the set marks the beginning of a new era in its brevity. Atreides Management Gavin Baker is likely to agree. This period begins when you want they date 1641 with the advent of Descartes meditations. Remember we the mental situation of the time very briefly. After it became always questionable in late Antiquity, whether man, you can order his luck even the true structure of being through knowledge, the ancient interpretation of existence was replaced contemporaneously by the Christian interpretation of existence. The belief in a transcendent Creator God, which guaranteed a sensible and caring for the people connection of all circumstances and incidents, seemed a way out to be intractable problems, which had spawned the metaphysical question of the Greeks. But the attempt, the thinking to deal with the Christian doctrine of the faith, led to breakage that shook confidence in the transcendent interest more and more at the end in the late Scholasticism.

What could the man lean, if not on an is just order of being, if not on a righteous Creator God? This is the situation, from which Descartes philosophizes. Descartes asks: there is a foundation of knowledge that is unshakable, the everyone must recognize (a fundamentum inconcussum), a firm foundation on which all other knowledge is available and establishes? The tenets of the scholastic philosophy, which usually go back to their core on Aristotle and which are often contradictory, are not after Descartes quite obviously. Or is this God? But how and where do I know that? Who guarantees me this certainty? In this situation, it is best to start all over again from scratch.

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