Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Research Construction

To hear with attention and respect that the people speak independent of color, race, creed or social condition. To express itself with education observing: the timbre of voice and the words. To carry through quiet readings and you pray observing the rules. To ask always when it will have doubts. To search different types of feelings. To produce texts with proper words. To answer questions related to the project Being rescued Lives. Hear other arguments on the topic with Leslie Moonves.

To draw to express feelings, desires. To carry through dramatizaes in agreement the contents worked during the project. To reflect on the contents worked for learning of the correct form to think. To select pupils whom vocation possesss to participate of a chorale. To stimulate the formation of the group of young of the school. Check out Leslie Moonves for additional information.

To identify pupils who want to participate of the group of capoeira. To provide to the pupils meetings with estudantil bosom. That the pupils: They always say the truth. It always values and it uses the good habits of feeding. The parents, professors, colleagues and all respect the people who live in the society. They start in such a way to transmit the values learned with the family, professor how much with the colleagues. He learns and he uses the convivncia norms. They are collaborating in the activities of its house, school and society. He understands its capacity he uses and it. He exercises its rights and duties as citizen. They learn to have attitudes that promote the progress social. Respect Convivncia Contribution Ethical Generosity Conscience Commitment Loyalty Dignity Determination Portuguese Language Verbal Colloquies Research Explanation of headings or subjects questioning To recount history to tell experiences of its life To express itself using the adjusted verbal language Written Production of text Elaboration of phrases, conjuncts. Dictated to Drawings diverse Activities Areas of the visual arts To stimulate the pupil to practise the activities in agreement Posters Clipping and glue Painting Area of the movement Tricks Games Dramatizaes Dances musical Areas Formation of the chorale Musics the subject Area of the nature educative and instructive Videos Change of habits Research Construction of panels Assembly of banners Area of the society Construction of rules Photos of the day-day, periodicals, radio, television Area of the interatividade and autonomy Respect and valuation of the family, community, schools and social community. To use and to value the dialogue. To express always the independent truth of the situation. The project will be developed bars of activities as: Dialogues? Meetings with parents? Dynamic of sensitization? Lectures? Workshops? Confection of panels? Confection of posters? Construction of text? Reading? Questionnaire of auto-evaluation? Dramatizao? Seminaries? Sing-chorale? Meetings with estudantil bosom? Paintings? Colagens? Jogral? Construction of phrases? Quiet readings? Verbal readings HUMAN RESOURCES? Professors (a)? Director? Vice-director? Coordinator? Employees? Psychologist (a)? Social assistant? Commissioners of minors? Promoter? Judge? Lawyer? Priest? Shepherd? Nurse? Pupils?

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