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Residential Grade Cooperates With Myimmo

A successful partnership for selling real estate in Leipzig, 04.02.2013 – living level knows how to move the property in every respect in the right light, myimmo is a young and dynamic real estate portal based in Leipzig. February 2013, the two companies work together and create a perfect Alliance for the sale of real estate. A new dimension in the real estate market is created by the collaboration. “This partnership expands existing potentials. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. The customers of both companies can a significant benefit reach. “, says Tatjana Saffier, owner of residential grade. The real estate portal myimmo offers a Germany-wide, comfortable placement of apartments and houses in the purchase and rental sector.

Real estate agents and customers appreciate the rapid response to customer requests and trends. Residential grade has a long experience in the field of home staging and can look back on a number of successfully completed projects. Through the nationwide networking with other home staging agencies living level has the opportunity the professional home also Stager to recommend. What is home staging? Home staging is the all-around perfect presentation of a real estate for sale and lease. Potential buyers gain a good impression and get a feel for the atmosphere of the property.

Inhabited rooms, which bear the stamp of the current owner, sell is often slow. Too much, the establishment characterizes the mood on photos and on the real tour. Completely empty apartments are, however, often lifeless and unbeseelt. With home staging is the right mix: the apartment shows broadcast, is however sufficient free space for the imagination of the customers. The company residential degree since 2009 supports residential grade real estate seller in Leipzig and its surroundings. The offer is aimed both to private and commercial real estate. Home staging is the secret with the real estate shows from its best side. Residential grade is expert, and a house or an apartment when it comes to develop a feel for spaces, to highlight the strengths of a property style and Presence to give.

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