Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Rio De Janeiro

Why we do not assume, of a time for all, that are measured inefficacious, inefficient and without real effectiveness? They can, pparently, decide the problem per one year. But, in the other year, independent of the resources expenses, the upheavals reappear. Which the cause of this? Workmanships badly made? They had lacked resources? Nothing of this. The cause of this is the stubbornness of the Man in continuing with an occupation rejected for the Nature. Which the solution, then? Simple: the inoccupation of the areas in which the Man, constantly, insistently, permanently and systematically suffers when the manifest Nature if.

Instead of continuing in a useless and unfruitful shock against the Nature, we have that to reformulate our processes of occupation and use of the territory. For example, after the complete and total destruction of certain areas and determined sectors in the serrana region of Rio De Janeiro, what it will be made? We go to reconstruct everything, accurately of the same skill, in the same place, defying to mention, only, the recent cases evidentes and, which in we remember with clarity point, exactly that, at certain moments, this point is absolutely inaccessible to clientes could be considered a set of precipitated measures indiscriminate dispossessions not to be (clearly) that somebody Concorde that, after all, only seven hundred people deceased (and another one in such a way disappeared) as in the case of the serrana region of the River, either irrelevant, and that the material damages shown by the reporters are desprezveis What if it becomes excellent, for the Society, at this moment, is the necessity of if completely reviewing the criteria that have determined the occupation standards and of use that the Man makes of the territory. In the case of the cities, that is where the problems that we are treating, if they present more explicit, we have that to develop a new concept of urban occupation.

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