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San Francisco

In the agricultural growth who more is distinguished is the city of Pacatuba, but in 2000 it got a light one decline, being that the city of San Francisco got a visible decline. exactly the microregion having considerable an urban growth the agricultural growth if kept relatively steady. Pirambu and Pacatuba suffer influence from Aracaju, already Japaratuba and San Francisco of small cities as Aquidab and Capela, and Japoat is influenced by Proper. In recent months, John Stankey has been very successful. Urban growth for City Agricultural Growth for City (Graphical 06) (Graphical 07) Graphical 06 and 07: Urban growth and Agricultural Source: Per capita Income de1991 and the 2000 of the Microregion Per capita income of Japaratuba, Japoat, Pacatuba, Pirambu and San Francisco presented a considerable growth, however one high index of social exclusion is evidenced, in function of the land concentration. (Graphical 08) Graphical 08: Per capita income of the Microregion Source: Atlases of Human Development in Brazil, 2000.CR-R Infrastructure of the Microregion the infrastructure of basic sanitation of microregion, needs magnifying, and this structure encloses the treatment of the water, garbage collection, sanitary (most of the cities does not possess sewers more is substituted by fossas).

The domiciles with water treated and bathroom to Japaratuba and Piarambu are about 65%, and in Japoat and Pacatuba it is of 50% and what more it is distinguished it is San Francisco that presents about 70% Graph 09: Infrastructure of the Microregion Source: FRANCE, Vera Lcia Alves; CROSS, Tereza Maria Souza; SOURCES, Aracy Losano; it t.Atlas pertaining to school Sergipe: space cultural geo-description and. Joo Person, PB: Grafset publishing company, 2007 Health and Income and Domiciliary Structure the state secretary of the Health divided the state of Sergipe in regional directions, to take care of the population for regions.

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