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The choice fell on them accidentally. All three were adept Balkar and Karachay mentality, their culture and history. They knew the ins and outs and the Balkar and Karachay specific languages, which helped them when editing the works of their colleagues. Terms were very tight, so they began to inquire about the whereabouts of writers who became known more at home in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachai, just declared themselves Karachai and Balkar of writers who fate has scattered over the vast expanses of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The work was very complicated.

Not all authors have been able to deliver their creations in person. Most items sent by post or transmit through the familiar, for riding in Frunze. Running errands, K. Kuliev, I. and S. Makita Rahab were in close contact. If you are not able to meet, a status to inform each other notes.

One of them, by good fortune continue with Ishmael Ibrahimovic. It raises the atmosphere of those days, helps to feel how important attitude to Kuliev entrusted to him the cause, finally, can feel his concern for the creative growth of their fellow writers. "Dear Ishmael! – Wrote in a note Rahaevu Kaisyn Kuliev. – Gather all necessary find, even if the number of things does not bother you. I will try to agree on this. Need a little more, in my eyes, to modern things. Issa (we are talking about the poet Issa Botasheve. – JA) lucky you own, Kerim (Otarova – JA), and my stuff. It is a pity that did not report to Bert Gurtuevu. Let us carefully editing when all necessary material will be collected. Editing not delay the deal. What topics will be varied works, the better. By Issa does not find fault. As a young poet, he wrote the right things. It should help him, teach him the craft of a poet, so he grew gradually and he could always participate in these and our other collections. I ask you to consider this … Your humble servant Kaisyn Guliyev. " Note dated May 5, 1956. Soon the lights came five collections of Karachai and Balkar authors, one of which called "Banner of our lives" (words from a poem Kaisyn Kuliev). They included works by Kazimov Mechieva, Kerim Otarova, Issa Botasheva, Tanzila Zumakulovoy, Safar Makitova, Maxim Gettueva, Bertha Gurtueva, Halimat Bairamukov, Adilgerei Sottaeva, Osman Hubieva, Daura Baykulova, Shahmurzaeva Said, who was shot by the Germans Azret Budaeva … Not all products are created equal, not all have reached a level of artistry, but output in light on the collections and Balkar languages Karachai was evidence that the literature is doomed to remain silent, did not die, and if unable to demonstrate its power, then, at least, showed the will to live.

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