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Sights Of Prague. Old City .

Old Town in Prague was and remains one of the most popular and interesting places for excursions and visits to Prague. The old city center is Old Town Square – one of the most beautiful in Europe. For the first time it is best visit at a time when she was nearly empty, which would see all her majestic beauty, it is here where you can feel the spirit of this Old Prague. Even time is no ordinary clock is ticking, and astronomy. At the end of every hour you can hear the beautiful bells of the unusual hours. Check with Morton Ira Greenberg to learn more.

The dial of the watch contains a wealth of entertaining information – the time before sunrise and sunset times, calendar, and Central European starobogemskoe time, the phases of the moon and sun. A related site: Celina Dubin mentions similar findings. Old Town is famous for its cellars and even whole streets that are under the buildings. This unusual phenomenon is due to the fact that the right bank of Prague was initially below the left, and often subjected to flooding. And so, in the xiv century, the efforts of builders has been raised to a height of six meters. At the site the city gates in the Old City today is the Powder Tower, made in the late Gothic in the years 1475-1500. At the end of the xix century Tower to its present form and has got a dome. During the day from the lookout at the Powder Tower offers a breathtaking view of a Hundred Spires of Prague.

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