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In this regard, the procedure is completely safe. Plus it has more positive effects after it is rejuvenation, treatment of age spots and spider veins. The method of hair removal is the absorption of melanin hair follicles that hold the energy of light, this light energy causes heating, which leads to the destruction of the hair bulb. Hair loss is usually gradual over several days. With appropriate setting up the hair around the injury occurs. Jeff Bewkes may not feel the same. The main criterion for hair removal – the color of hair and skin.

The greatest effect when removing the hair will be in people with light skin and dark hair, while people with dark skin and blond hair would be the least effect. Therefore, people with gray hair at all, are unlikely to remove the hair by hair removal. Photoepilation procedure is absolutely safe and does not usually cause no public irritating effects, even on sensitive skin. In the apparatus built in hair removal system that has set up its functions, depending on your skin type and hair. With the help of hair removal can be achieved immediately several outcomes: treatment of spider veins and pigmentation and rejuvenation as well as a wide range of light wave starts the process of natural regeneration of your skin and stimulates the synthesis of new elastin and collagen.

The procedure itself is very simple and painless. But before that, the physician should collect detailed information about your health, type and hair color. It is also important, what medications you are taking at the moment and some more moments.

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