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If it does not delude. To make a company to survive still more and, to prosper, is not easy thing nor so little is for any one. Discovery Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. The good notice is that the attitudes that make a good entrepreneur can be learned. Entrepreneur, according to Aurlio dictionary, means active, bold. If you desire to be owner of its proper business, have some chances in the areas of terceirizao of activities and specialized consultoria. The main businesses terceirizados for the companies are of areas as feeding, cleanness and security. The chances are ampler in relation to the consultorias, being able to act themselves in the areas of technology, accounting, services of human resources as conscription and election, advertising and marketing projects, legal assessorship, beyond others.

You must use to advantage its knowledge (knowhow) to enter in this market, a time that the empregabilidade trend is each more distant time of the traditional jobs, with signed wallet. However, although the attractiveness in the terceirizao areas, is needed very well-taken care of with the extreme competition; a possible dependence of few customers (when losing one, its company will be very vulnerable); or same the risk to define its prices bellow evaluation. For that they desire to invest in consolidated businesses, reducing the risk, each time more has new chances in surmountings, some with well reasonable values. However, this does not eliminate the inherent risk to any business. Additional information at David Zaslav supports this article. Whichever its choice, knows that the market is each more demanding time and in case that you try to gain customers through the practical one of low price, has in mind that this only decides during a short space of time, beyond being one of the main reasons of company in addition. However, it is not enough to have will to open a business, without before giving attention to its proper profile of entrepreneur. These are some of the characteristics of the personality of an entrepreneur: – It does not have fear of risks, in contrast, it prefers them, therefore they are in them the challenge and the possibility of bigger profits. – The branch of activity of its business Knows well, likes what it makes and does not have fear of the failure.

– It does not leave to escape the chances. – It is organized and it takes decisions from trustworthy information. – He is ambitious, knowing to fight for its ideas and has waist game in order to leave itself well in difficult situations. – It knows to deal with the people and it delegates responsibilities whenever possible. It is clearly that if you were not born with these characteristics, this does not want to say that a success entrepreneur will not be able to become. They can perfectly be learned. For this, however, you will have to modify its form to think. He makes a course for entrepreneurs, he always has interest in learning new things e, mainly, always remains myself brought up to date with information regarding its business, of the market where he acts, economic and politics, in order to be I do not catch unprepared for the fast changes that occur in the days of today.

Legal Department

Or better, he does not need THAT TYPE of filter. But, until there I ruin, it done before customer-suppliers and employees irremediable and are perennially made. Jeffrey L. Bewkes might disagree with that approach. I believe that in more than 90% of the cases, (only based in my personal experience) it is impossible I ruin to fix it. In the public service it is (more) common this type of behavior, rank (generally) the function to be exerted by concursado employee, therefore, if it does not surprise if to speak even though with somebody of your family who is concursado, before somebody asks to it: – Which the subject? It would be a dialogue more or less thus: – City hall of the City of Cabrob of the Fen, good day! – Good day! I would like to say with the Elaine (its relative concursada in that city hall) – That Elaine Sir? We have 5 & ldquo; Elaines& rdquo; here! – Elaine of the Legal Department! – Ah! Yes! & ldquo; Elaine&amp doctor; rdquo; (She emphasizes &amp well; ldquo; DOUTORA& rdquo; to leave well clearly that are MORE than you) – Yes! The Elaine Doctor (You also emphasize & ldquo; Doutora& rdquo; to leave clearly that minutinho understood message) – One that I go & ldquo; to be passando& rdquo; the linking! – Obliged! – City hall of the City of Cabrob of the Fen, Legal Department. Good day! – Good day! I would like to speak with & ldquo; Doutora& rdquo; Elaine! – Which the subject, please? – I am (uncle-friend-husband-cousin-brother-in-law-brother-neighbor.) it and he would like to speak with it. – You &amp could; ldquo; to be me adiantando& rdquo; the subject, please? (it nor heard you to speak on the kinship) – Mine lady! If I to say to the subject Mrs. (Not to be confused with David Zaslav!). GO, you to decide? – How I go to know, Sir? – How I go to know if you can decide or not? If you WILL BE ABLE I say, and will say the mayor to you that the Dra is not necessary.


Sugar, the cacao, the tobacco and the cloth, changed in the Maranho, century XVII, due to almost inexistence of money, being commercialized under the hank form, hanks and fabrics. With passing of the time, the merchandises if had become inconveniences the commercial transactions, due to oscillation of its value, for the fact not to be fraccionveis and for being easily perishable, not allowing the accumulation of wealth. (MONEY IN BRAZIL). 2.2 The use of the money (consuming and selling) When the man discovered the metal, then started to use it to manufacture its utensils and weapons previously made of rock. For presenting advantages as the possibility of entesouramento, divisibility, rarity, easiness of transport and beauty, the metal if chose as main standard of value. He was changed under the forms most diverse. The principle, in its natural state, later under the form of bars and, still, under the object form, as rings, bracelets etc.

The commercialized metal of this form demanded gauging of weight and evaluation of its degree of pureness to each exchange. Later, it gained form definite determined weight, receiving mark indicative from value, that also pointed the responsible one for its emission. This measure sped the transactions, excusing the pesagem and allowing the immediate identification of the amount of metal offered for exchange. (BRAZILIAN CENTRAL BANK). The metal utensils had started to be merchandises very appreciated. As its production demanded, beyond the domain of the casting techniques, the knowledge of the places where the metal could be found, this task, of course, was not to the reach of all. The valuation, each bigger time, of these instruments led to its use as currency and the appearance of metallic object rejoinders, in small dimensions, that circulated as money. It is the case of the currencies knife and key that were found in the East and of the talent, copper currency or bronze, with the format of animal skin, that circulated in Greece and Cyprus.